Why won't this work? War team advice

So i am trying to put together a blue stack to use in war. This is the most difficult for me due to not having any mana troop in blue despite over 2.5yrs playing and very few fast blues owned. I typically like to play 3-1-1, mono doesn’t suit me at all. I’m constantly testing things in raids and can’t settle on a good working option that has anywhere near an acceptable win rate. I got Dandre and levelled him to use because of the mana gen boost helping alleviate the troop issue.

This is my latest trial team.

I don’t have spare emblems just now for Dandre but thought with my LB +20 ckiril along side it might work for survivability. However, I just can’t make it work.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Link to my roster on heroplan

If you can see better options or if there is a hero I haven’t levelled that would help make the team work let me know.

Jott is too slow except for rush. Costume Grimm for attack up?

Do you have another Red hitter ? Costume Scarlett is okay.

No costume for Grimm I’m afraid, just the regular at +20.

I have Scarlett plus costume, as I got it late when already had a large 4star base in red its been on the back-burner and am currently levelling Baldur instead. Would Scarlett be such a increase that its worth having her instead and pausing Baldur?

I use triple Scarlett with costume bonus all of the time in raids, tournaments and wars. She’s awesome, especially the two I have that are LB because they don’t die so easily. I recommend using her in regular form with costume bonus (and not costumed) in raids.

As for why your blue stack isn’t working, it’s simple. First of all, you have two slow heroes that will either never fire or fire way too late when it’s either an overkill or the fight is lost anyway. Unless it’s rush, I’d never use Jott and Sumle in raids/wars.

Also, at least to my knowledge players form 3-2 teams or 3-1-1 teams in order to fully utilize their mana troops and bring all key heroes of average speed to 9 tiles. In your example that is not the case sadly, as the only hero that should charge in 9 is dAndre. And even when he does, you need to continue making matches to charge your blues afterwards. Your main color (blue) is charging too slow (10+ tiles) which is the sole reason why this team isn’t working. Also, because it’s not mono but 3-1-1 you have no chance to take out any of the opposing heroes with tile damage alone.

I’d personally recommend using your blue heroes as support only in the weaker color combination, and never the main color combination at least until you get two blue mana troops and/or some fast blue snipers like Sonya or Magni. And I would also recommend Hero Academy 9 for troop retraining…


C Scarlett boost attack 45%. You have C Kiril for DD.

Once DD is applied, you will get better damage.

Alternatively, use classic Kiril for boost. And Grimm for DD. I generally don’t use this unless I have no choice. Cos I prefer 5x DD.

I have Baldur, still naked at 1.01. She’s not bad but she needs to stay alive with boosted health for her random hits. A tad too conditional for me.

I prefer simpler direct options given my roster limitations.


Actually only by 30%. Still at fast speed many would consider it a boon, however believe me, debuffing the attack by -34% of one enemy flank for 6 turns is way better usually. Then again, I never use Scarlett and cKiril on one team…

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The man boost is the point of the Dandre. Sumle I’ve used in other teams regularly in diamond and war without issue. So his speed doesn’t really worry me much, long drawn out battles are somethingI’m used to… I’ve been playing 3-1-1 for 2 years now so have my set up pretty down for it, not really an issue on that side. Team build is something I am usually very successful with, its just this team itself.

I could use a Sonya in place of Jott for some more speed, but not sure if the tile boost is worth more for me once it gets going ( and with the big mana gen boost from D’Andre it should). I could always put in my Grazul +20 in place of Sumle for yet more survivability till everything starts going I guess?

Ya, I guess you need something else to work on before dAndre charges, because not always you will have three yellow matches. Then again, probably it’s better something like this: dAndre-Grazul-Frida-Grimm-Kiril (costume bonus)? That way your blues will charge simultaneously which will allow you to fire them in the correct order. However Sonya has dispel which may be helpful. Your call which one will it be, any will be better than Jott IMO.

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Thanks, as I say this is the one that bugs me most I average a solid 4/6 in war sometimes 5s on occasion I get a 6, but when one fails it is almost always this one. If I can move about heroes to get this one better I’m certainly happy to do that.

Another blue option is my LB Sapphire who is on my boom or bust reds with Mist, Anzogh, BT and Wilbur. I could replace her out of that without much concern though.

C.Kiril->Frida->Richard are all average and will deal huge damage in this order
Add healer (D’Andre is good choice here) and mana control, Peters should be good because of his mana speed or you can add one of your 5* snipers for finishing dangerous enemies.


or Wilbur and regular Kiril with d’andre, Frida and Richard.

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consider 10-pulls in the troop portal, you have a good roster.

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I have adjusted the title, feel free to change it back


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I started a teeny account, and mono is so successful in war, I am using mono 1* 1.1 teams successfully against heavy damaged 5* heroes ( looking at you Noor in Undead Horde )

Just rearranged the team names on my 2017-Sep account for 6x Mono/ Titan teams ( apparently it has 2x decent purple mono teams ) since I came out of war retirement. Last war, 6x One War Bout One Team Kill


2017-Sep account Mono teams using 4* Lv15 crit, 4* Lv01 crit, 3* Lv10 DEF/ Healing Bonus, and 3* Lv01 DEF/ Healing Bonus

Not currently using my mana troops in war

Mono teams are all about normal damage / tile damage / matching damage due to advanced color stacking


In my experience, Healers work best as mono, or as non stack color ( see notes )

So maybe add a non blue healer


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@Radar1 moving in Richard could definitely be an option. Currently he is in y main team with Gazelle, Seshat, C Sartana & regular rigard to give some survivability with the big attk down in case I’m waiting on yellows for Gazelle. I could sub my Kingston in there instead though still keeping def down. Some form of mana control also sounds good I will experiment with both Peters and Proteus.

@flappie another good shout, I’ve been testing with @Saros 's suggestion with Grimm and its having a bit more success but I do enjoy the def down to 5 so Wilbur may fit and he also helps my survivability with the def up. Thanks for the nice comment on my roster, unfortunately Ive done a few troop pulls but nothing RNG gonna RNG I guess…

@Gryphonknight yeah still onthe no to mono. I just hate having a low health opp about to fire and kill me knowing if I could make one match under it’d be my win but only unused colour that wouldn’t kill available. I do have a non blue healer on the team though as well in Dandre.

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For 3-1-1 I usually run 3x stack ( no healers ) plus 2x non stack color healers

Try to keep the stack alive until it’s color comes in


I think this is where playstyle comes in I normally like a heal in both. If my main colours come I get a heal if they don’t there’s an option for a different colour heal too

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