Blue titan attack team is underperforming

So my blue team is not living up to how i would like it to. Been trailing.

Only EDD i have in blue is nordri and he is so soft he crumbles 1 hit. Other blues i have at various levels are.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What do you mean with underperforming? What do you expect? Wich titans are you facing? How many do your Alliance let escape?

Just not hitting as i would like we generally let stonger 10* /11* escape all my other teams i can average around 70k keep getting sub 30k when its a red titan mostly just asking for suggestions to improve it.

Emblemed and LB Nordri can survive hit from 11* titan so he might be worth using. Also replace Glenda with Finley, minions slow you down and you are missing regular def down.


Just noticed my troop composition was wrong so tweaked it a bit. But my 28 green on franz level 5 wizard on tarlak and my 29 blue mana not sure who they would work best on.

Here some commas: , , , , , you can use freely, you’re not playing for.
Back to business: I use nordri regularly on 14* titans, with a purple banner and an axe he can survive a slash hit.
I’d replace Thorne, Glenda and cKiril with nordri, finley and your higher Attack blue hero. To maximize damage you need to fire tarlak, nordri, Franz and finley with mana pots, and this would be quite expensive.
I suggest to track your score across ALL titans, and see where you can improve.


1- You need EDD. Nordri will be fine with timestops. I use him agains 14* titans too
2- Need to tweak the items. Mana pots are MUST. I usually use small and medium mana pots as they are cheaper.
3- You can’t be looking for high hits while letting JOTT out!!! No way!!!
4- YOU ALSO NEED DEFENSE DOWN. That’s essential so Finley definitely deserves a spot. Glenda and Thorne should be out.
5- Don’t be afraid to sacrifice Kiril too (which is easily replaced by dragon/bear banners). You just got 90 seconds to make damage, not to survive. We use healer free titan team against 14* titans with no problem. At least you have Tarlak who heals a bit. Miki doesn’t even do that. Timestops will do the job for you most of the time.
6- Make sur you give the NInja troop to the highest tile damage, more likely Finley in that case.

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I’d put Jott in. 20charactersoftileboostinggoodness


So based off of suggestions this? I found jott to be unreliable in the past.

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That should start working better. I use more timestops than tornadoes though as it’s cheaper and give me moe turns to relax and build the puzzle. Tornadoes still help have higher hits.

An alternative you could try and compare with could be.

Tarlak, Nordri, Magni, Insarnia and Kiril

I’m think your total blue attack may be a bit low with a 3* and 2 greens. And a bit costly to use mana pots on many heroes from the get go.

I would bring harpoons to get an early def down and help your team survive. Likewise Magni will also help your Nordri stay alive.

What I often do is if a stun is possible on first move then use a harpoon and load Tarlak with mana pots. If no stun then I will use a tornado and see if you can now get a stun.

Then as your blues fill up you still score some points and then get the higher def down from Insarnia and EDD from Nordri as they fill up.

I prefer to save on loading all up with mana pots from the get go. Gets to costly for me.

Edit: Forgot Jott, Jott instaed of Kiril