Defence advice

I’m c2p and i ve been able to collect some heroes I like and i need some advice on setting up my defence team for raids/war

Help me make a team with every hero i have in that picture. It doesn t matter the lvl cuz i can lvl up everyone(5* only to 3.70 so if you think clarissa 3.70 is better than tiburtus max i don t mind)

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For wars or raids?

Raids but wouldn t mind for wars too… our aliance is casual and we dont use same color tank

Caed grimm li xiu tiburtus scarlett

If it was me.

If you want to take 5s to 3/70…

Sub out tibs for clarissa but i wouldnt do it personally

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BT at 3.60 is sturdy in your current area. So Scarlett, then next BT, Kelile.

Defense, I agree with @Rigs.
Caedmon - Grimm - Li Xiu - Tibs - Scarlett

Another options, if you Ascend BT over Scarlett.
Caedmon - Grimm - BT - Li Xiu - Clarissa

But I prefer focus on ofense for maps/quest and titan, not in defense.
So, I would to level with plan like this:

Red: BT, Scarlett, Kelile.
Blue: Grimm, Sonya, Boril
Green: LJ
Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Malosi
Purple: Tiburtus, (Kage & Clarissa)

Well, I’m not seing the full roster, I can not see any healer except BT?

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100% agreed

Thanks for clarifying and tackin on

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@Rigs thx guys i ll do scarlett next also for green titans. Yes BT is my only healer atm…

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If so, then I would ascend BT 1st, while leveling Scarlett with 1* red, and 2* red to BT (if he is at 4.30 or 4.40 above).

I would take a different approach but it’s pretty frowned upon so wont go there

I would prioritize boldtusk > scarlett

Just way I’d level them would be different


So i ll go with caedmon- grimm- bt- li xiu -clarissa
Its a nice set up because i have mats for the costumes too, i like the % which comes from them

For clarissa spot would there be a problem if i d go with tibs? I’d love the idea of using her even if she’d be 3.70 but if max tibs is better i’d go with him

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great, specially for offense, Avarage + Costume Bonus mana + mana troop lvl 5, from 10 tiles reduced to 9 tiles have a great impact, because 9 tiles = 3xmatch.

If I were you, I would ascend Clarissa to 3.70, and wait for Rigard/Sabina before Tibs.

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I really need those mana troops, i ve got 23 3s and thats it :frowning:
I ll go with clarissa, i love her, my best 5
probably, thanks

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