Pick a Red

So I need to decide on next red to level.

My maxed currently are:

Grazul, Anzogh, Boldtusk, Sumle, Lancelot, Tyr, Falcon, Wilbur

I also have at 3/70 Red Hood and JF

I can bring any 5* to 3/70 or max a 4star.


If I had a costume for Colen he would become my first choice, but without it I find Sumle a better option which is why he is levelled instead.

Same goes for if I had the costumes for either Khagan or Elena.

I am leaning towards Baldur because he seems fun, but am willing to be convinced otherwise…


Without rings I’ll take a four star I can put emblems on over most 3/70 legendaries.

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Well, if you are going to have to wait for a 5* anyway I would say maybe go with Scarlett? Most use Scarlett for her higher damage stat for Tournaments, Challenges, Titans, etc. If that does not sound fun and you want a 5* even if they sit at 3:70 a bit I would go with Baldur over a second Tyr for some diversity. The slow 5* Season 1 heroes are not bad, but if you get a costume for one and not the other I’d choose that one over not doing a new red later.

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Ok so 2 quick votes for Scarlett. I should maybe mention also emblems aren’t really available for any of them so they’d have to get by without them

I agree with the above. A 4/70 4* is better than a 3/70 5* and Scarlett hits huge against titans.

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I’m going to echo the others. Scarlett for a four star, Baldur for a legendary. Baldur is my next red to ascend unless a monster comes from a pull.

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I would go with Baldur. Scarlett doesn’t synergize with Wilbur very well. Baldur is fun, unique and his special probably works pretty well at 3-70 (I fully ascended mine right away). He’s also very useful for events and ninja tower. I can’t think of a scenario where you’d use Scarlett.

If you’re set on using a 4*, I’d go with Colen as Wilbur/BT/Falcon/Sumle/Colen is killer red stack for wars and 4* tourneys.

for legendaries I don’t have Tyr so I can only judge him on a defence standpoint. He can ■■■■ you up as tank if you’re not prepared for him. And he’s build to survive on the wings. Same with baldur who can survive on the wings much better

For epic I also pick Scarlett because of her insane base attack. Most 5*s can only dream of getting her attack stat
And after that, you can try carol. I know she has her problems but I view her as a great damage supporter who can assist your hitters with any damage output

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