Why power level?

Hi all. I’m a self learner on this game and the forums have helped a ton. Thank you to all who contributed.

I have seen the how-to’s of power leveling elsewhere and noticed that most people have been sitting for a couple months or so before doing the hour of clicking. My question is though “Is it faster overall vs regular leveling of heroes?” Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thank you in advance for any insight.

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Power leveling a hero is less less experience efficient (and thus less food efficient) than color-matched training, because you lose the same-color bonus XP on all the off-color feeders. So if you had one hero of each color to level up, power leveling would be noticeably slower since it would require a lot more heroes.

But when you only have one hero every so often that really adds to your roster, there’s no point in trying to figure out what to do with those off-color feeders. May as well feed them to the hero you’re leveling and make it go faster.


Repeated many times.

No heroes you really want to use right away - color match feeding (might as well level more heroes for war)

Shiny new hero that you think will help you greatly - power level feeding


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