Leveling Up Question

Okay, I’m not sure, but I feel like I’ve been missing something this entire time. I accidentally hit a different hero than I wanted when attempting to level a hero. It happened to be an opposite color. It seems like it provided way more than a hero of the same color. Are we supposed to be feeding opposites?!

There’s no bonus for feeding off-colour.

You get a 20% exp bonus for feeding heroes of the same colour to each other.

Also, the higher the star-rating, the more experience you get. Trainer heroes also give a lot more exp than their normal counterparts of the same star. Could it have simply been that you fed a Trainer or Higher Star hero than you thought?

Maybe you levelled with a hero of a different level.
You should get a 20% increase in XP when feeding the same colour.

1* 150 180 1.2
2* 390 468 1.2
3* 630 756 1.2

Edit: It is also possible that you may have either fed a “levelled hero” or a trainer hero as guvnor mentions above.

Yeah, it wasn’t though. I was trying to level a ice with ice, and accidentally hit a nature of the same level, both one star feeders. It was kind of odd. Shrug. Maybe just a fluke.

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