Training camps results per hour

I looked in the forums and didn’t see this data readily available so I made my own chart to help when deciding which training camps to use. This data is based on the assumption that you are feeding heroes to the same color, where a 1* gives 180 exp and a 2* gives 468. I hope this helps someone!


For someone who’s addicted to efficiency, thanks!

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I must have had a brain cramp when I first looked at this, because I couldn’t figure out why you were relating everything to experience. Then it finally dawned on me: that’s what feeders are for—feeding experience!

Downloaded… thank you for this very nice resource! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is a little counterintuitive, isn’t it? When I was a newbie, I thought my heroes would gain experience by playing levels, so I played the ones I wanted to level up, ignoring that my recruits and hero capacity were full, lol. I’ve come a long way since then, but I suppose that error helped me remember the term now. I’m glad it was useful for you!

So just to make sure I’m getting this right, my brain is as cramped as kalamitykaspars was ^^…
According to the chart the most efficient way to quickly train a hero is using TC1 because it has the shortest time per XP?

@SgtRaynor788, welcome to the forum!

It really depends on what you are doing. 1,2, and 19 give you heroes the fastest. At least 2 gives some 2*s. If you have the food saved (usually in extra tc20 trainings) you can pull out enough food to power level a hero. If you are interested I’ll find links for those.

With the advent of Atlantis Rises I try to keep a tc20, 2x tc2, and a tc11 running. The tc20 is a food bank, and the other 3 are producing feeders for me.

EDIT: to respond more to your question. It depends on what you are trying to maximize. For early players, getting TCs to 11 is a big step since it is so much more efficient for your food, AMs, and recruits. If you have plenty of those, and time is your constraint, running a tc1/2/19 might be more efficient for you.

EDIT#2: if you are a relatively newer player don’t use the time or resources to research or run color specific training


Hey, thanks for the warm welcome and the quick and thorough reply.

I’ve been playing a while (F2P) and have been running one TC20 on the off chance a 5* decides to drop by (got lucky three times out of 60pulls), two TC11 and one TC in the colour I want to level… I’ve recently been running two colour specific TCs which led to me running out of backpacks… So back to three TC11 until I can get back to a healthy amount of backpacks.

So getting back to the topic, do you think, materials and recruits permitting, it’s quicker for leveling to spam TC1/2/19? I can’t remember the costs for those trainings, but I try to fill two monster chests at S1-12-9 a day, so recruits shouldn’t be a problem…

I’m very C2P. Personally I run two tc20s (I want more 5*, lol), one tc11, and one flex, which goes back and forth between tc2 and tc1, sometimes tc19 when I’ve got a lot of food or tc11#2 when I’m low on backpacks and recruits.

I wouldn’t say tc1 is the most efficient because it does take 5 recruits, but I also think it’s underutilized by a lot of people.

Yeah, I just checked the requirements and think it’s probably not sustainable for me to run TC1/2 longterm because of the amount of recruits involved, though I may use it intermittently…

How many recruits do you guys “produce” per day?

It varies. 100-300? Wild guess. I farm 8/7 a lot, but I try to finish everything else too.

My advanced house makes me 120 recruits a day. Raids give me another 60-100 (depending on how many raids I get to do). Farming probably gives me another 200-400 (depending on how efficient I manage to farm).

So, 400-600 a day, maybe. That would be lower when there are other things are going on.

During Atlantis rises those numbers are much higher

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How many heros are you currently leveling? I try to feed same color for the 20% xp bonus. That way I can use the backpacks for tc2. Much more efficient than a color specific tc.

I’ve got one advanced house so far, only level one though… I’m probably somewhere around 150-200 recruits a day. I’ve got to work out if that’s enough to switch to training with TC1/2.

I’m only leveling one hero at a time, to get it done as quickly as possible. I also don’t have enough free hero slots to save up feeders in different colors, although I sense that might be useful. That’s why I try to always run a colour specific training.

So, I think another issue is that I can’t store enough feeders to train multiple heroes at the same time.
Does that make sense?

I highly recommend setting up one TC 11 as a long term feeder back that you just keep dumping guys in. If you look at a lot of guides, they will recommend that. I’m guessing you have access to TC 11. I use TC 2 when I get the backpacks to do so.
Single color training is really a niche thing I think, when you really only have one color hero to work on.

Leveling only 1 hero at a time gets the first hero done faster, but the next 4 slower, since you could be doing 5 of different colors at once, maximizing XP gain for each. That assumes you have 5 colors to work on, though.

My advanced house is maxed, and that’s 120 per day with no other sources, and there are lots of other sources. I’d expect something like 400 a day. I don’t raid a ton, but I do farm a bunch.

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Yeah, leveling more than one makes sense, but it also requires a lot of space for the feeders, no?

It depends. One option is to buy additional roster space with gems. It isn’t as fun as pulls, but it helps a bunch. The other option is to simply roll with what you have. It may mean switching between collecting and feeding often, but I’ve done that with as few as 4 roster spots. That wasn’t much fun so I bought more.

Right, it seems I’m stuck on insisting I train with ten feeders of the same colour…

I’m going to try your approach, training several heroes at the same time, using TC1/2. I guess I was always worried they wouldn’t reach 8/8 on their special skill before being stuck on 3/60 because I’m again missing a glove ^^

Just wanted to give a quick “update” of sorts… Thanks for the advice, i was able to train 5 different heroes very quickly thanks to one TC1 and one TC2 running constantly during Atlantis. I had to cut back to TC11s for the time being, without the Atlantis I’m just not able to pull in enough recruits to keep this pace. It also really pushed the limits of my ham production.

But yeah, it was great advice, thanks again, will see how I can implement the odd day of TC1 or TC2

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Run 2 tc11 tc20 non stop and normally a tc2 until I run out of backpacks if I get 1000 backpacks at atlantis that will cover me till next one. Colour on colour feeding can level a 4* In about 24 days was my quickest.
Still gave me enough food to do craft or emblem hero’s troops etc aswell.

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