Who should I ascend next? Help me please

I need one more ring but need help in deciding who to ascend between azlar, Elena, marajana and anzogh

Marj is probably the safe bet, though Elena and Azlar aren’t bad at all.

Elena is valuable for events, quests, and for finishing up Atlantis, and she can hold her own elsewhere. She might be your best bet for where you’re at now.

Anzgogh I would avoid. Hopefully he’ll get a buff at somebody point that’ll make him worthwhile, but as of now he’s in a sad competition with Khagan for the crown of the worst of the red legendaries.

According to your roster I would say Marjana, it would be helpful you could have a sniper… You already have Mitzuko maxed so I think for defense Marjana could be suitable, then Anzogh since also have Wilbur maxed and Boldtusk as a future project I think (actually it would be helpful to max him in near future)… Sinergy BT+Wilbur+Anzogh is really good…I would avoid Elena or Azlar since u have Vivica and if your plan is to set a defense team, 2 slow heroes would be not convenient…

I could say Anzogh is not as bad as many people say, he has been part of my red roster since he was released and I used him to beat Ursena on S2 hard, he is part of my red raid team with a pretty high winning record and also, I used him on last week Avalon Legendary 15 stage, it was pretty easy actuallt… So you eventually could consider as a future candidate for rings… But in your case I think Marj would be the best option now…

It is a good idea also you consider to max BT before…


In my honest opinion it would have to be Marjana followed by Anzogh… but please max Boldtusk and give him some emblems. Good luck

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Max Elena.
20 Elenas.

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