Which red next?

Sup guys ! Thought ide get your thoughts. Sitting on 6 rings on who to ascent next. Already having Gm, zim and Marj maxed I can either max azlar or elena. This would be only for war depth and possible titan team due both having good tile damage, or hold the rings for another future red ?

If you really must do one, azlar is better but with those reds he’s not urgent. Take Scarlett or kelile with the others on titans and you should still do fine.

Titan team is pretty sweet with zim, boldtusk falcon and wilbur but thought about azlar or elena instead of zim when a cleanse isn’t needed but yeh you may be right on just holding the rings

I’d hold using rings until next month—see if you get Grazul, the HotM. She’s a very different build than normal, a very fast healer that shields your team from all status ailments for 2 turns.


I noticed that there is a particular web site that has all the event heroes photos. I am sure this isn’t a secret and they have their alliance info with members listed so I’m sure it can’t be too hard to see which names are in beta. I really don’t get why we can’t see the images but its the rule. Ivr even seen rigard in his costume, he has no helmet on. I am not trying to get myself inv trouble but I just don’t get how they are in beta and blatantly post this on a easy vto find site but still are in beta. They have hotm pics as well. I’ve seen Kingston and Grazul too. Female orc and Kingston is dressed in green with side profile and knife in hand.
Again I don’t want trouble and im not advertising the site but given how hard beta is to get into why can people break rules and stay? Id love to be in it and missed the deadline last Feb. Anyhow I know this is off topic but just wondered how this very guarded info gets to be very public with seemingly no consequences.

I myself would take Azlar and Elena to 3/70 and stop.
I normally tell everyone not to wait, but you are already red strong so I WOULD wait now.

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It happens because people break the rules. Sad but true.

Back to topic! :wink:

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Have them already at 3 70 bud but still won’t let a look in at that level due to having stronger red depth in 4* that are maxed so I think I’ll hold rings n be patient :wink: thanks for the.advice all

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