Whom to choose

OK, I have enough goods to max grid one 4* cleric. Should I go with Rigard (w/costume) or Boril?
Bear in mind that I have a max grid Cyprian.

At least 2 cRigs b4 Boril.

Easy choice here in Costume Rigard


I REALLY enjoy Boril, but Rigard is a no brainer. And WITH costume? Yeah, don’t even hesitate.

Max Boril at some point, but I’ve got 5 Rigards without costume, and I’m still hoping for one more with costume.

Tl;dr: Rigard. All day.


Yep, Regard with costume is still in my lineup, forcing many 5* to sit on the bench with their hands on their laps.

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In my honest opinion Costume Rigard 100%.
Try to max him out on emblems and he is like playing a 5* healer
You won’t be disappointed


Rigard. He is a lot more useful than boril, even in the “end” game

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