Broil or Cyprain

Hello there,

Had a question on who should I ascend next. I only have 1 fine gloves left and been debating all week long on who should get it. I do have quite a few good ice hero’s Richard but need more telescopes and Glenda on her finally ascension as well as Sonya. but only 1 dark hero which is Tiburtus that is on talents already. So I come to you guys on advice on which would benefit me more.

On that note I also have Rigard, Boldtusk, Gormek or Fura that could also use the glove. So many decisions that I’m at a stop. Many thanks to y’all.

Same skill but Boril is better defensively and his emblems are butter suited for survival. Rispote heroes aren’t for attack value so I value Boril more

In my honest opinion you will get far more use from a fully maxed Rigard than either Boril or Cyprian…
So if it was me Rigard first 100%
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I would also lean more towards Rigard if you’re looking for a new dark hero.

If you are specifically wanting a riposte hero - it is true that Boril will survive better / longer. But Cyprian will actually deal more damage to your opponents. That is the main difference between the two. Boril is tankier, Cyprian is more glass cannon / kamikaze style hero.

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Definitely Rigard. Heal with a cleanse.

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Rigard 20 times before Cyprian once.

Thank you to all, yes I forgot that Rigard had a cleanser. What about having him as the costume or keeping Rigard as his regular outfit. Again thanks for the help

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Whether you use the costume or not, 10/10 recommend leveling up the costume because just having the leveled costume boosts your hero stats whether you’re wearing it or not.

Main difference between Rigard with costume vs. Rigard without is that normal Rigard cleanses and heals immediately, whereas costumed Rigard cleanses, heals over time, and boosts attack for your entire team. So in most cases, I’d go with costumed version (unless you are in need of immediate heals).


Between the two Boril has more survivability.

Without knowing more about your total roster and your needs, I would say that I have both Boril and Cyprian and have found Cyprian to be more useful between the two of them. However, I would say that either Rigard or Boldtusk would be of more utility than either Boril or Cyprian, depending on your other healing and buffing options.


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