Boril costume 20 emblems

Went against him today and ate my ■■■ up. Can someone send a picture of him with costume 20 emblems? His defense was like 1017 and health was crazy too. I’m leveling him now with how insane his defense skills are. That and all heros get counter too.

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Mine is at 16 and he’s 571/945/1339…but not for long. Planning on resetting him soon. Don’t use him enough.

Yeah, I don’t plan on taking my emblems off Frida, but I was very impressed with his stats.

Frida is a Paladin. While Costumed Boril is also a Paladin, you can’t give him Paladin emblems. You can only give him Cleric Emblems. And he then gets the same Paladin levels when wearing the costume.

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Wait what. I have several heros with costumes I have not leveled. So his initial cleric is what’s used to upgrade him? I will use cleric emblems to use while he’s costumed?

Yes. That is how it works. You emblem the regular hero, and (if the costume is maxed) you get those same class levels on the costumed hero

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For example, gave my Cleric Boril emblems and my Paladin Boril has the same class levels.

Okay cool man. Thank you for that info. Much appreciated.

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So here is my question then. These are the 4s and 5s I have costumes for. What’s the reasoning for changing class? If I costume then and don’t need to use emblems for the costume version, what’s the point of changing class?

This hero is so elusive but I finally got Boril C from a free pull. I’m not sure if he is good in costume.

Well, it’s a matter of choice. Rigard is a great cleric healer. Costume Rigard is a Ranger. Instead of healing, he regenerates HP. AND he gives all his allies an attack buff. Basically a totally different hero. And you can use his costume in Ranger trials rather than Cleric trials. Offers flexibility

AND…even if you don’t use the costume on the hero, if you have maxed the costume you get bonuses to your attributes and mana regen. It’s really a win win

Dude I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years and I still have no clue what’s going on lol.


All I can say is I took a 4500 team against a boril 20 costume and got ate up

Lol…costumes and emblems were a monkey in the wrench we all had to figure out. Not easy. Asking the questions is the key

I’ve lost to 3500 teams with a 4000 team, and I’ve also beaten 4300 teams with a 3700 team. Boards but especially team synergy will skew the odds in one direction or another.

In the case of cBoril, since he gives riposte to ALL, you can’t use an active dispeller like Caed/Sonya/Frida/Seshat/Panther/Eve/Zeline or you’re just gonna commit suicide. Have to either prevent him from going off in the first place with mana controllers (Hansel/Gretel/Merlin/Proteus/Hel etc), or block his special with Malosi, or use passive dispellers like cMelendor/Sabina.

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This is what I brought in twice. Guess bad boards played in.

If Sonya and Frida are your only dispellers, they will pretty much commit suicide once cBoril’s special kicks in. This is what I meant by don’t bring active dispellers, with cBoril you can’t target the wings to dispel because he gives riposte to the whole team. You need to either prevent him from going off at all in the first place, or use a passive dispelle like cMelendor/Sabina whose dispel does not involve an attack skill.

And dear god please leave the AoE hitters like Kadilen at home. In one of my war hits today I used cBoril to great aplomb against an AoE heavy team - Khagan, Kadilen, and Frida all suicided themselves on cBoril’s special. (Khagan tank, Kadilen and Frida flanks)

Cboril has such a low riposte though, you’d only be tickling your Sonya with a 200 damage reflect I would expect. Definitely need a dispeller.

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