Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard, Kiril (Costume Question)

Simple enough question. Which version of each is better and why? Right now I have BT, Melendor and Rigard max level on Costume but only 4-1 on regular. Kiril I have maxed on regular but haven’t started his costume.

I keep hearing great things about Rigard.C, but from experience I haven’t found his heal all that effective. But I think that plays into all of them as it’s a question of %Heal vs HoT. The HoT might heal for more but when I’m facing off against single target nukes, it tends to be ineffective and slow.

Any thoughts?

They are all awesome. Rigard is the best because he cleanses, but those others are only a little bit beneath him. Still worth to max them all!

It depends on the context. C.Rig and C.mel are better because they offer more features than their original versions. BUT , the buff their give are dispeleable so if you face people who can dispel your buff so it would be better to bring their direct heal versions.

The case of Boldtusk depends on your need. Most of the time you will ponderer more attack % boost than heal, the good thing is that they can adapt :wink:

@Zsj. I agree, I like them all too. I was more curious about preferences between regular vs costume. I know from a base stat perspective the costume is always better, but if you had to choose costume vs regular based on their special, which would come first?

For instance my thoughts are:

Boldtusk C: higher heal, lower attack+. (But I see a lot of players promoting him on regular for the higher +att bonus)
Melendor C: lower heal (hero comp dependent, +44 def)
Boril Reg: prefer the def/att+ rather than the def/att down. He works better on my titan team because I’m already running an Isarnia/Nordri combo which provides a -98% def down.
Rigard: not sure. +48 att is a big deal, but as with most of the HoT’s I find he can be slow.

I have all 4, maxed w/ costumes. They all see use, and are worth giving emblems to.

The ones that have a heal-over-time they switch to have great usefulness in Events, Titans, and pretty much everywhere besides raids. In raids, the all-at-once heal is usually preferred, unless you have both.

At average speed, all 4 (with maxed costumes) only need a level 5 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles.

C.Kiril is my personal favorite. He’s like a mini fast-speed Kunchen!

Interesting. I’ll have to take a look at that. I mean I have triplicates of all of them, so I can do as I please. lol. Figures. My first healer was Sabina and I’ve never pulled a second one. To date, I think I’ve pulled about 7x Rigards and 5 of the other three. This game hates giving me diversity. Not complaining too much, especially considering my duplicate Proteus’ are ungodly in challenges. They walk through the legendary tree like they own the place, and they do.

For reference, or if you’re deciding which to focus on first. Here’s mine:

My Melendor, sadly, has no talents.

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Here you have Mel. Not fully emblemed but you can see how its stats are

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Your Kiril is beautiful ! i hope to pull his costume soon . Hes my only missing costume from the healers crew

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I think each has some definite uses. I don’t have costumes for Kiril or Rigard.

The only time I use costume BT is for monk class quests. I use Melendor a lot. I originally was going to strip Melendor of emblems but after I got his costume I do quite a bit of raiding using him and Kingston. That combo of Kingston lowering attack and Melendor’s defense and HoT makes it so that the team is very survivable. The HoT works better there because frequently the heroes hit for barely anything so having a heal spread out is much more useful.

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I’m not sure about the math, but I’ve heard that due to the way damage is calculated, having Costume Kiril give the enemy defense/attack down is more effective that Kiril+CB giving your team def/attack up.

I think that base Rigard, Melendor, and BT are worth maxing out even if you don’t plan on embleming them. It is helpful to switch between the base hero with costume bonus (CB) and costumed version depending on the situation.

For example, on a war team, if I already have a hero who gives Heal over time, then I will use the direct heal version. My 4-1 green team has Telluria who gives a heal over time so I use Rigard+CB. My 4-1 yellow team has Vivica so I use Costume Rigard. Boltusk+CB gives higher attack boost which is more useful for titans and challenge events than Costume BT. However, you might want to use Costume BT for a 4* tournament. Ultimately, I think both costume and base+CB versions are useful depending on the situation.

Of all the epic healers, I still don’t have the costumes for Kiril and Boldtusk since I don’t spend gems in the Masquerade portal but only use keys from various sources, including the the event. On paper, the regard them in the following order:

  1. Rigard - the only one among the lot that cleanses (very important in the very DOT prevalent META) plus the high attack buff and HOT
  2. Kiril - invaluable attack and defense debuff to all enemies
  3. Melendor - useful defense buff to all allies now unique among the costumed epic healers (but may be copied by costumed Sabina in the future)
  4. Boldtusk - the costume version weakens his value at the cost of higher instant heal since it lowers his attack buff to allies.

I think the cumulative total heal obtained from Rigard and Melendor’s skills is higher than the instant heal of their respective original versions. Problem is, it can be dispelled.

Sorry I replied too hasty without reading properly.
Every costume is situational whether they’re better or not, except for Melendor. He gets much more defense vs his regular form, wich is much more preferred for healers! I only use regular Melendor vs titans cause of high tile damage. Other than that I’d always run costume Melendor.

To the OP’s question, I would say that both versions are used and useful depending on the situation. Therefore the only concern should be if you intend to put Emblems on them. At that point, you really have to decide which version fits your playing style better and which parts of the special you could do without for a majority of the time. For example, I have 2x Rigard’s with costumes maxed and I prefer Rigard with the costume for most uses, so for the one that I put emblems on, I followed the talent path that suits the costume version better, and no it doesn’t match the normal version’s talent tree optimally at all. I’m good with that though because if I want to use the normal version, I still have the option.

Melandor, Rigard, and Boldtusk are better with the costume for the 4* Attack Buff Tournaments, whereas Kiril is better without it for that same tournament unless you’re using in of the others as well. I find that Rigard and Melandor both with costumes works great together, as does Bold and Kiril w/costumes work well together.

It’s really a choice based on your personal preference, your roster and therefore your needs, and what progression you’re at in the game. Kiril is an excellent option as a defense team tank and War defense team tank, but C-Kiril is a viable option too if it’s an Attack Buff war.

Overall, I’d suggest you level them all, level all their costumes as well, and then use them for a couple of weeks in actual gameplay so you can get a sense of which version suits you best. Then go from there if you intend to put emblems on them. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my honest opinion, and I have all these 4* healers and with costume. I would max and use in costume Rigard, Kiril and Melendor.
My personal view on Boldtusk regular / in costume is it’s situational


I have costume Rigard+14 and BT+20. I also have Kiril+7 and Melendor 4/23.

I use costume Rigard 100% of the time except for class quests and I use standard BT 100% except for class quests.

Kiril and C Rigard or BT makes a deadly duo with attack up, defense up. Just make sure to fire Kiril first so you get the higher attack buff of Rigard plus throw Gormak, Grimm or Tiburus in there and it’s lights out!

I would love the costume for Kiril with the defense/attack down for the enemies.

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