Vivica or Rigard?

Ok, so I got a dilemma. Got 502 cleric emblems on my hand, almost enough to max Rigard. I just maxed his costume. On the other hand, i recently started to level my first Vivica. Aint got her costume yet.

The question is: should I use my emblems on Rigard, or save them for Vivica?

Other heroes i maxed: Seshat, Kingston, Joon (w/costume), Red Hood, Miki, Guardian Panther, Tarlak, Kiril, Triton, Guardian Jackal, Guardian Falcon, Buddy, Hansel, Wilbur, Gormek, Proteus.

They are my best clerics too!

I use both regularly in all aspects of the game. Suggest to take both to level6. Cheapest till there. That will give you versatility abd you csn level then from there.

You could give them to Rigard while you work on Viv and then reset if you feel you need to. Both are great healers, Rigard with costume bonus is pretty close to a five star anyway. If you’re planning on using Viv as a yellow tank, then you’ll need to put emblems on her. If not, Rigard probably is the better choice for now.


In my honest opinion, I would do both. Get Vivica to +7 and then give the rest to Rigard. Then wait for Vivicas costume and give her some more emblems.
Good luck

Personally I would do at least +15 on Rigard…

Him and his costume is essentially a 5* hero… Only purple that offers full team attack buff… Perfect for titans!!

As for Vivica, without her costume she’s not a GREAT hero like rigsrd is… She’s ok but not great…

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