Cleric talents to Rigard or Boril or both?

  • Boril
  • Rigard
  • Both

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Soon I will have both maxed and here’s my dilemma or should I say trilemma :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

I have (and use) them both.
I gave the emblems to Rigard and upped only the first talent for Boril(7% resistance).

I have Rigard +8, Boril +7 and Hansel +7…

Saving emblems for Rigard now (expecting to go +19), and when I get a better tank I´ll take the emblems off Boril…

If Boril is in your raid / war defence, you can split the emblems. Otherwise, Rigard all the way

If you have the costume: Rigard
If you don’t have the costume: Rigard


Thanks guys! Rigard it is then :slight_smile:

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Rigard at +19. Boril is no longer on my defense team, but is still at +0. Replaced by Triton who is at +11 or so. And he willl be replaced by Vela when she’s ready.

I had to split my cleric emblems between Rigard and Hansel at one point…to great 4* heroes, sucks to have to split up the emblems!

When i FINALLY got the last tonic to max Evelyn, I left Hansel at +1 and gave the rest to Rigard.

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So question is, is Boril that bad (I really like him a lot) or Rigard is that much better? I’m also considering Vivica, but her slow mana annoys the hell out of me! Plus it takes nearly triple amblems for one talent…

Rigard is that much better. Not many heroes that cleanse which is pretty useful when going up against teams that have DoT specials. Personally, I got Boril a little late in the game and while I have maxed him, I have probably used him once or twice. Rigard with emblems is pretty much a staple on defense if you don’t have any of the legendary healers.

How you even dare to compare rigard to Boril.
Put all on rigard you wont regret it

Boril with costum has 1000+ defense without troops and huge health. Can be used in every tourney. He’s no rigard but he looks pretty good. Also he helps a lot on s03 where the enemies are geting tougher

Well, if your roster is so “bad” that the only chance to play the PvE content is to go like boril +4 healers, then, and only then boril should be emblemed.

With more defense he will reflect less damage. Dont forget that.
Normally, he totally does what he has to do even without emblems. Eat damage, throw back damage, and die :wink:

Counterattack heroes work best in the first half of a fight, after tank is dead and one or two hitters fire.
Then mostly one or even two hitters punch themselves out of the fight and you are good to go winning it.

It doesnt really make a difference if you have boril alive or dead versus two or three enemies, because at this point you are mostly able to avoid thaz enemies fire (manacontrol or just kill enemies with full mana).

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