Whom to ascend

I just received another pair of gloves to ascend one of my heroes. As the title says, I am not sure who. I have Sartana at 2/60. Then I have a few unlevelled: Tiburtus,Li Xiu, Gormek, Skittlesskull, Cyprian, HuTao is at 3/60, Danzaburo, Kashhrek,Gobbler,Caedmon,Namahage and Muggy.

Would appreciate some advice.

If you can ascend Sartana, I would. She was one of my first fully ascended five stars and she is a beast. Kashhrek is my second choice. Happy ascending!!

If I ascend her, what other ascend materials do I need for her? Would it not be better to work on a 4* team?

Yeah work on a good solid 4* team first. All youve named are good except Danz, if your desperate do him very last or what i did was fed him to a 5* lol. I do Caedmon or Tiburtis, good luck :blush:

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I thought as much. My levelled 4* are: Little John, Grimm, Willbur and I have ascended Wu, just need to finish levelling him.

Player level?
How many cups?

Maybe Cyprian momentarily will be your best bet. He killed many Sartanas for me.

Do you have any healers?
If yes, level them…

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I am level 32 and have 1324 cups. Healers are Friar, Belith and Hawkmoon. Kashh is at 3/44.

Okay, so Cyprian and Kash will be cool tank options up to say 2000 cups and if you’ll get any epic or even legendary healer, focus on them.

Cyprian will also be cery cool on offense, especially when there will be some AoE defenders in the opponents team.

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Thanks. As soon as Wu is done I will focus on Cyp and Kash.

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You won’t regret following @Olmor’s advice. Kash is emblemed and the center of my Defense. I use Cyp on both Offense and Defense and have watched many a powerful hero/monster kill themselves hitting him or his flanks.
Good Luck!!

P.S Caedmon and Tibs are also excellent choices for the future. 5’s just take so much time and tons of AM’s. I made that mistake with Musashi when I 1st started and wasted a good month just to get him to 3/70 and am still waiting on darts

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Thanks for the advice. If I have Wu, Kash and Willbur in a defence team, would that work?

Wu should be replaced by eg Li midtermly on defense, since Wus special needs to be well timed to not harm your other special attacks with several misses.

But don’t stop maxing up Wu. He will guarantee high titan scores all the time.

Thanks, I am levelling him now but I do need a 4* purple, then I have a 4* as well.

Wu => Cyp => Kash => Li => Caed

…and change your priority whenever a 4*/5* healer shows up…

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Sartana is a BEAST she will be on your team for ever ascend her


Even at 3/70 she still works at platinum level.

Gonna have to agree and say Sartana for sure. Yeh, she may stay at 3/70 for a fair while until you get the mats to max her but she is still a beast at 3/70 especially at your level.