Advice on ascend

I just received another pair of fine gloves and I need some advice on who to use them on.
Right now Sartana is at 3/60. Kashhrek 3/41. Wukong 2/47. Hu Tao 3/60.I also have a few unlevelled naming: Tiburtus, LiXiu, Skittleskull and Gormek. I am in a very easy going alliance and I do not raid a lot.

Sartana at *2/60 you mean?

Anyways I’d ascend Wu Kong first, because he’s good at titans. Doing more damage on the titan will help your alliance get stronger titans that drop better loot.


Sartana is indeed 2/60. Sorry.

Unless you already have a maxed Wu Kong then…Wu Kong.

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Wu Kong is by far the best to get up 1st. He’s great against titans and offensive raids at the stage you’re at. His tile juicing is awesome

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