Which character to ascend next?

Hi all,

I have a Max Kiril, 2/60 Drake, 3/60 Kashrek, 3/60 Scarlett and a 3/60 Cyprian. I’m also building a 3/9 Wu Kong in the background.

I don’t plan to ascend Cyprian further, but am open to the others.

I have enough to ascend one for now and am leaning towards Drake or Kashrek (he’s annoying to fight against on defense teams).

Any advice on who and in what order? I don’t spend much $ so want to be judicious with how I ascend (my SH20 is in progress so hope to get more 5* heroes soon).

I’m mainly trying to build a stronger team that can help with raids and special quests to get additional mat ascension items.

Thank you!

Drake and Wu are keepers, but you seem to be a ways off from when they will be useful.

Your SH20 means you can build a TC20 soon, or did you mean the training camp is almost complete? Either wsy, it would be better for you if they drop some 4s before the 5s.

Underpowered 5* heroes are like relatives who overstay their welcome. They will eat your assets without giving anything in return.

You have a good base with the 4s. I suggest waiting on going past 3^60 with any of them (Kiril maxed is not a mistake, just early) until you see a few more heroes on your roster. Making team decisions too early can leave you lacking cohesion.

Search this forum for “rigard or sartana” to see the best team building advice you will get.

Good luck

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