If I could use any tank colour, what would be my best war defence line-ups?

Thas wat i got.
What would be, say, my best top 5 options?

None of those are stellar tanks.

I’ll rule out Devana first because she doesn’t have emblems.

I’d next least suggest Lianna.

Isarnia and Elena are both high attack (so worse defense) slow tanks. If the other team gets a bad board they work well.

Domitia has the holy defense up which counters her greatest weakness. I’d probably be leaning her.

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Domitia with elena and devana to flank.
Then Elena with domitia and devana to flank.
Then Isarnia with flanks from Elena, domitia and devana?

I’ve also got a Boril, Li Xiu, Melendor & Sonia +20, Sartana 4/61 and Joon 4/1 (though my yellow feeders are currently going into a Wu Kong).

i would do lianna she is fast and dels great damage, you have costume bonus and would be likely to be limitbroken.

She is not the typical tank but will punish a bad board non the less,if you have other heros to add damage

Devana, Isarnia, Lianna, Elena, Domitia

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