Ursena Dilemma?

Hello everybody, I pulled Ursel at the portal yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t know where she fits in. Here is my current defense.

I’d like to put her right next to Guin, but Aegir in the corner doesn’t make sense. I could put Kage in the left corner and Aegir between him and Guin?

Or I’ll post all of my other 5’s and you check what to do.

We play purple Tanks in war, I think Ursel ist a good upgrade to Kage at the tank position.
Is one of my other purple’s the better option (Sargasso) for offense?

Well, if you play purple tanks, then your choice is easy, Ursena of course.

Kage would work well also in the wing, and I think Ursena would make a nice flank for Guin.
Sargasso I have him but never leveled… I always had more pressing projects.
Although I’d like to bring him at 3/70 and testing him in war with healing as field aid… unfortunately, it will take much time before I’ll able to do it.


Pull Aegir as he isn’t very useful in a non-tank position. You could go Kage, Lianna, Guin, Ursena, Marj.

Ursena would be an excellent war tank.


As long as your alliance play purple tanks, speed up Ursena. As for raid defense, in my opinion Aegir doesn’t make any sense in the first image and should be replaced with Ursena in the future. The raiders will attack with purple stack. Having purple and powerful flanks could be nightmarish for them.


I agree with what Bo_Duje, ItsaDragon and Scarecrow said.

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Wow, okay. So my Aegir is useless in all of my defenses? :frowning_face: I stay easily at high 2.500’s with my current D.
Would you recommend to take the emblems away from him and give them to Thorn?
What’s my best purple tank lineup for war until Ursel is maxed (sitting on just 1 tabbard)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thorne?? No way man :smile: If somehow you get a Richard in the future, that one is worth of emblems, only atk path (has great def already and the atk buff will make him lethal). For one, I chose Richard over Ares.


Agreed, get Aiger out of your defense for Ursena.

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Welcome to 2019, Thorne is viable nowadays :grin:

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Right… …

He is, but scarecrow is right. Richard is much better, he is my war tank and my second option for defense tank (Guinevere is my tank as well). As for Ursena, she is the best purple tank of the game… level her up as fast as you can

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Thorne hits just as hard as Marjana. Richard, on the other hand, is clearly falling off. Does his debuff outweigh that?

What about my war D till Ursel is maxed?
Is Domitia - Vivi - Kage - Lianna - Marj my best option?

Personally I don’t think you even need to change your defense team if this is the case. Only if you want to experiment.

I do also like the suggestion of having Ursena and Kageburado flanking Guinevere tank.


Panther Kage Guin Ursl Sesh

One hell of a def…

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That defense makes me quake. :grimacing:

Hey there, I’ve maxed Ursel and got Richard in the meantime. Which defense PvP lineup is better? With or without Richard?

My new alliance runs blue tanks. Aegir was my tank in recent wars with good success. Should I take the emblems from Richard and give it back to Aegir or should Richard be my tank?

Unfortunately, I still have no yellow hitter, so I try to avoid this colour :smile:
Or is corner Vivi an option for field aid?


Try the 1st 1 with Aegir 4 Ursl.

I am not a fan of running healers on wing, even for wars. Exceptions obviously being the revivers. Any other healer on wing, rarely ever times me out during field aid.

Aegir for wars is better to run as well, I like the first option more.

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