Who to max.. marjana,or Lancelot?

I have 7 rings and 5 blades. With Scarlett as my only sniper for red. Which option would be the best rt first?. Also have grazul 1-1. And anzogh at 2-60. Hard decision with blades and rings at a premium

Blades come more often than you think. Rings no so much.

Who are your other maxed heros? Do you have full 4* maxed teams?

These are my hero’s. Minus the 3’s

100% max marjana or wait and do Grazul.

But to me it looks like a 5* fire sniper would be best for your team right now.


That’s my thinking. But grazul is tempting

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Lance is kinda garbage…he’s just way too squishy to be of any use. Marjana all the way or wait for Grazul.

Doing a vote for grazul,or marjana?.

Grazul is very tempting and I would be maxing her had I not pulled Black Knight.

Really depends on your play, but since you have Falcon maxed, marj+Falcon is deadly and will greatly help your fire stack

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Grazul…he needs a 5* healer.

Probably the right call

also, this is very true. I regret giving him 4 of my 36 blades

A 15% heal though? I’d do marj first… red stack with Gorm, Scar, and falcon seems to scream for a sniper…


I do scream 5 * healer. But I don’t think the 15% is enough for the push. Marj I go with the math not adding up.

I’d run with Marjana and never look back. On a side note, Lance doesn’t get much love on here but between him and Scarlett, I prefer him by far. Enough to give him a few emblems and get his attack well over 800 for my mono red team. Not to mention Scarlett is a Rogue and all of those emblems on my team are currently going to Marjana-the next 3 nodes are all attack and I can’t wait to get her there! But as most have said and you seem to agree, your choice is really between Marj & Grazul and with what you have to work with, you’re never going to regret going with Marjana for now. For a small roster, btw, you have a very nice bunch there man!!!

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Thanks mojo. The grind is the name of the game. Ctp is a slower process. But the rng gods have been kind with what I’ve pulled

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I agree with your assessment regarding your roster depth and your need for healer, but you’re on the right path in thinking Grazul isn’t enough, because she isn’t. Marjana would, in my opinion be a better fit with your roster. If you need a 5* healer, I recommend running a couple of TC20’s for a few weeks in the hopes of pulling Vivica, that’s how I ended up getting a few copies of her.


I finally got Viv from tc20 as well but prior to that I ‘made due’ with Rigard, Sabina, Boldtusk & Kiril. Here’s what you can do with a couple of them if you like btw. Sabina (& Melendor) imo, have too high of an attack stat to ignore so I went mainly attack with them but Rigard is now like low ranking 5 as far as I’m concerned.

Just something to consider.