Scarlett or Marjana

So I’ve had some great luck with my red heroes and can’t decide wich ones I should concentrate on. Currently I’m leveling Marjana, but I would also like to bring Falcon to the final ascension. Then theres also Scarlett, Gormek, Azlar, Colen and even dublicate BT waiting to be leveled. I believe I don’t really need Gormek since I have maxed Grimm and maxed Tiburtus. I also feel like I’m mostly short on fast heroes so thats why Marjana or Scarlett may be the best ones for me, but which one first?

Also I have 5 rings and 4 blades atm.

I would really appreciate some help with these decisions :slight_smile:

Here’s a look at the top of my rosterempires

I have Marjana 4/80+5 and she is amazing, so much HP and damage on here to kill in a shoot and defend against attacks makes here very must have hero + she does extra damage for 6 turns.

You will not regret ascending here.

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Great! Thanks for the reply.

And yeah she seems to be quite popular too so I guess you could not go wrong with her

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Forgot key thing FAST mana. Double trouble :wink:

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Out of Scarlett and Marjana I would probably choose Falcon! :nerd_face:

For somebody relatively early in the game, elemental debuff can make a huge difference on Titans and raids. Fives can probably wait, the rings could still be weeks away


If you already had at least 3 set of complete 4 * rainbow team, it’s about time to move up and Marjana is definately one of the best up there.
Fast mana, high attack and durable.
Else, concentrate on 4 * s. You can’t go wrong with Scarlett or Falcon. Both are good against lower hp titan.
With +11Scarlett, +8Wu, +9BT, +9Rigard and +7Lancelot, I am regularly scoring over 40k on 9 * green titans. Collecting loots of 3 * AM in sturdy shield, orbs, fine gloves…etc.

Completely agree with @Infinite the most bang for your buck heroes are the elemental defense down heroes.
Falcon would make Scarlett more lethal than a single Marjana.
Falcon would make 3/70 marjana more lethal than a maxed marjana without falcon.

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