Who to level?

I have some 4* to level up but am not sure who:


I also have some double:

Chochin is a 3* but is a decent tank for raid tournaments and can be handy on events

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I don’t raid, but will level him up. Advice on the 4*?

I vote Grimm #2, I have 3 of him leveled, also Grazul is a 5*. Worth leveling, but may take a while.

Also, don’t know what the rest of your bench looks like, but extra healers are rarely a bad choice.

These are my heroes.

In my honest opinion, Chochin and Hawkmoon costume for your 3 star and Scarlett for your 4 star. After that I would wait to see what you pull or get from TC20 before you level duplicates. Otherwise a second Grimm.
Good luck

Finish Scarlett, jahangir and hawkmoon.

A second Sonya would be great to have for war bc of her dispel… her costume is also very nice.

I have two tibs maxed for war teams… again, with costume… since we see a lot of yellow tanks. If that’s not the case for you, then I’d bring him to 3/60.

If I’m not mistaken, Grimm is pretty squishy at 3/60. If you’re going to work on him, take him all the way up. I’ve emblemed mine and enjoy using him for raid tournaments.

No need for a second Wu imo. Better off maxing hu tao.

Lance isn’t a superstar, in my eyes. But with your options, I’d max him. Him and gormek would make a nice pair offensively for war.


I vote for Lancelot and second Grimm.


As has been said, definitely finish Hawkmoon’s costume, Chochin, and Scarlett.

Wilbur, BT, Scarlet, and Wu will be great on green titans. I’d probably throw in maxed Grazul (until you are lucky enough to draw Guardian Falcon) as well since she’s fast, if you hold her special until right before the titans mana is charged you can use her to prevent their special from being applied to your team (still take damage, but at least you have two healers).

I would also go ahead and finish your second Jahangir since he is so close.

Beyond that I would level 4s to 3-60, 5s to 2-60, and duplicates of any 3s you like playing with until you get more 4s to work on.

I am sorry. I used some pics from a week or so. Scarlett is maxed, as is Hawkmoon. Grimm is also maxed, I have another Grimm.

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I second @Math4lyfe’s suggestion on Sonya. You can never have enough dispellers for wars, and if you get her costume, you now have a fast cleanser. I don’t think I see a cleanser on your roster.

Personally, I have 2 Sonyas and 2 Grimms. I will always use the Sonyas, not so much the Grimms.

The four stars you have not leveled are mediocre, and I would not waste resources on any of them. Better to wait for the more powerful style of option that is readily available.

Your 3* Chochin is worth leveling And you should work on that one until you pull something better.

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I have 1 Grazul levelled.

Yes, I noticed that and modified my response above while you were responding to it. :+1::+1::+1:

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of the three 4*s you ask about initially (Danzaburo, Gobbler, and Lancelot), I would only invest in Lancelot. I leveled (and emblemed) Gobbler because I wanted so badly for him to be effective in eating minons. Alas, he is always my first hero to die, almost always before he fires.

Someone once said that Danzaburo is a great hero if you like that he has a downside along with his upside. I am okay with him in raids, but won’t use him in wars for that reason. When I see that snowflake accompany his special, I cringe. You may like that variability more than I.

I second what a number of folks have said re having a second Sonya and Grimm. I have two of both. I have a Sonya costume and love that I can use them to either debuff the enemy (great for facing Cyprian or Boril) or remove status ailments (against, say, Colen). Everyone loves Grimm. I have a slight preference for Sonya due to her speed, but having dupes of these two will come in handy in wars agains a sea of green tanks. I almost always agree with @Math4lyfe, but I’m not a fan of Hu Tao. He is good in Rush tourneys, but not so great outside of that context. I would work on other heroes and cross my fingers for Mist.

Scarlett was my first four star hero, and got me through a lot of the board, but she is pretty squishy. I like the speed, and if you raid (or war) with a 3-2 or a 3-1-1, she’s a decent investment since she has a solid tile count. Hawkmoon with a costume is great for 3* tourneys (other than bloody).

I don’t have much to add since almost all of your roster is already leveled up. How do you do that, by the way?

Hi there I would say work on your wu
Sonya and lancelot

Thanks for the reply. I leveled up so fast because I stopped playing for a few months. I don’t play the seasons because I can’t progress atm with Atlantis and season 3 so all I do is farm 8-7 or the odd quest here and there. I don’t raid either,

Thanks for the reply. I hope you do start to explore other aspects of the game, like joining an alliance, raiding, and slogging through Season 2. You have some great heroes with which to do so.


Ok I worries. Then I would say go with both duplicate Grimm and duplicate Sonya.
Good luck

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Thanks @RicElDrac! I agree with you too. Lol.

HuTao isn’t stellar, but at least useful in raidT like you mentioned… (although the OP mentioned not raiding, does this include the tournaments too, @Phoenix27 ?) and a better option than a dupe of Wu (imo). Totally agree that Mist would be a much better option… (still waiting on her, btw)

I do want to add that you’re missing out on some valuable opportunities to test out new offensive line-ups and free loot by not raiding with the free flags you get. I hated raiding when I first start playing because I always lost. Now it’s one thing that I look forward to… but still losing sometimes. Lol.

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