Who to level?

Yes, I know I am loosing but that is a price I gladly pay. I can’t describe how much I hate raiding, even wars.But the wars are the only thing I do and I dread them. Always disliked pvp in any shape or form. I just can’t bring myself in doing raids.

Interesting. Is it the fear of losing or the fear of winning (and thereby stealing someone’s mats)?

Honestly, I did not like raiding initially, either, for both reasons I mentioned. But slowly, I learned to enjoy revenge (if I thought I could win). Eventually, I did not take it personally when I was attacked and began to think of raiding as a part of the game. As I learned to raid better, I certainly disliked it less. These days, I almost never raid, but I almost always revenge (no matter how much stronger the opponent is) and I really enjoy tournaments, which are raids, of course.

Anyway, I would encourage you to give raids a bit more of a chance, if only to learn to be more competitive in tourneys, as tourneys do yield materials.

I always use my flags in war, but I don’t enjoy that nearly as much as I almost never do as well as I’d hope and there are my alliance members whom I’ve let down. So I get it. I am optimistic that as I improve my ability to raid – from a tactical and hero perspective – I’ll get better at war too.

Still, it’s your choice – do what you enjoy.


I Sir Lancelot is a beautiful hero, I do not recommend you danceburo.

Totally agree. I don’t really actively raid unless it’s in the tournaments. However, I do revenge raid successfully.

It is not fear of loosing but I can’t get my head around what hero to use in what situation. Or what hero does what . I just wing it , using my fav hero’s and that is it. The information boggles me and can’t remember it , nor do I understand it.I have tried understanding it and it still confuses me.

This is a valid point. And with all the new heroes coming out it seems overwhelming. I’ll throw out the phrase, life long learning. :rofl:

It is a valuable way to see how heroes work together though… and will make your war performance noticeably better.

We have a room to post vids so we can reflect and get feedback. Even our most veteran players learn new things!

Happy grinding!


In my opinion you should do sir

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