Who to Level Next, advice and reasoning

I’ve been speed leveling several heroes for a while and most of them have been easy choices. But now I’m kind of stuck not seeing a clear winner.

Attached is a picture of my top contenders. Aeron and Athena make the list as they are my only unlevelled 5*’s (other than Margaret who I don’t see a lot of value in). But I don’t have the materials to max them out so at most they will be 3-70’s.

I like what Brynhild brings to the table and I need to replace Brianne on my titan team, but just finished Hansel. Added Chao and Li Xiu as I enjoy their control and I don’t have a lot of yellow heroes (titan team is Wu Kong, Mist, Melia, Wilbur and Boldtusk). But based on how much I hate facing them in PVP they have a benefit on that side as well.

Alternatives that could contend:

Tiberius (have a pretty strong group of purple already so outside of wars he would have to bump someone)

Gormek/Sonya (I do need to replace Hawkmoon on my titan team so one of these could fit that bill)

Grimm/Sonya (blue team is Richard, Isarnia, Boril, Kiril and Wu Kong. One of these could replace Boril on my titan team and both seem like they would fit well on a war team.

Thoughts and reasoning would be appreciated.

You’ve got a nice selection to work with. If you don’t have mats for the 5s, I wouldn’t worry about working on either one right yet. Focus more on the 4s, of which you’ve got some that you’ll continue to use for a long while.

I’d go sonya first. Her dispel is great and if you get lucky enough to pull her costume, she’s one of the few blue cleansers.

Tiburtus is another great hero. What I like about him over gormek and Grimm, is IF you get his costume, you can shave a tile off with just a level 5 4* mana troop. (Which I now see that you DO have his costume)

Grimm would be my next choice. Emblemed, he can rank in stats with isarnia (uncostumed).


IMO, Aeron can wait if you have Costume Rigard. Athena is great sniper offense and defense.

She is great after she get buffed.
Here is some discussion about her Is Margaret useable now with the buff?

Yes, and Brynhild is the only one healer for trial of survival quest.
EDIT: I forget, Puss in Boots is also healer but PiB is harder to get.

As I see you have his costume, and he is great with costume, defdown all ooponent in 9 tiles (if you have Mana Troop lvl5).

As you already have wilbur, I think Sonya is more important as she is sturdy fast dispeller.

If you already have Isarnia as defdown blue, I think Sonya 1st before Grimm. But both are great.


When there are no items for rebirth, and the characters are in doubt, always download heroes 5* to 3/70. Because what the hero 4 * ceiling, for the hero 5* - the beginning of the path.

@jinbatsu yeah have my costume Rigard. The list doesn’t show everything, but I have 30+ I leveled 4*’s including several Rigards, Boril’s, Kirils and Tiberius’. Game loves giving me duplicates. I’ve actually used several for training. At one point I had 7x Skittleskulls.

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