Who to level next? Sartana, Clarissa, Rigard?

Hi y’all :slight_smile:

After playing for 18ish months I suddenly got an avalanche of new dark heroes to lvl up.

My main focus is war attacks.
2ndary focus is raid defense.
Atm I’m using
Kage w/speed troop, Onatel, Kunch, Rana, Clarissa

(Comment if you think I can make a better defense, but I’m surprised by this def, it keeps me around 2600 cups when offline).

This is my roster

I’ve been testing out Clarissa.
I’m sort of thinking that a 2nd Rigard or my 1st Sartana should be prioritised before 2nd Clarissa?
I have 7 tools and 7 tabards.

I have 10 darts, but I’m sorta holding them for Joon.
I feel he will be of better use to me than Neith or Vivica?
I have 4 rings. Should I give them to JF or G.Kong or wait?

And, for event tournaments,
are there any 4stars I should prioritise?

Love, Moo

For defense I would try rainbow

Kadilen Magni Clarissa Onatel Marjana

Kage needs to be flank not wing in my opinion, as his strong hit turns to a tickle later, you want him firing early and often on defense

As far as ascensions;

A second costumed Rigard for war is very useful with GTV fronts, but probably needs some emblems to survive well in higher level wars.depends what sort of team strengths you fight against

I’m torn between Clarissa 2 and Sartana. I have Sartana maxed and she is good, but very fast is hard to go past

On yellow,I’d fire the gun on Neith personally, she has been handy for me, and while Joon is a lot better, you don’t actually have him yet - by the time you do you’re likely to have gotten the two extra darts

Red isn’t an issue yet as you need six rings. Of those you list I’d lean JF, slow speed just doesn’t cut it any more. I don’t have Kong but he seems to have improved, and average speed AOE on those numbers is nice. His other ability is meh though, unlike JF

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I lol’d at your nicknames for Clarissa and Ghost Girl on your spreadsheet.

Surprised a 3/2 dark/holy defense team is doing that well for you. Good on you! They are probably your 5 best heroes so that may be why. I might consider an Onatel flank with Clarissa on one flank and Magni on the other with Marjana and Kage wings. Leaves you without a healer on defense, but I see many teams in High Diamond with no healer. But if your current D is working, go with what works.

As for next…I’d finish Rigard and his costume. I see you have him at 4/40. Not sure if that is the hero or the costume, but either way I’d finish that tandem up. After that…I dunno. I have Clarissa but haven’t leveled her yet. Sartana is reliable, but doesn’t seem as sexy fast as Clarissa. I will throw a vote for Vivica though. I like to have one or more strong healer in every color. You have Kunch and Sabina+20 in dark, Costume Mel+19 in Nature, a pair of BTs in Fire and a pair of Kirils in Ice. With costumes available for BT and Kiril they become much stronger. But in Holy your strongest/only healer is Viv at 3.70. I was lucky enough to get her costume (which makes her even better), but a 5* healer is nothing to sneeze at.

Anyway…my 2 cents. Good luck!

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For raid def I used to go with:

Evelyn+16, Kage+14, Onatel+16, Magni+16, Marjana+18

So I’m ditto surprised that my 3/2 dark/holy is holding up so good, but been doing the dark/holy for 3 weeks, and sometimes it even gets me to 2700+ while I’m sleeping, which is:

Kage+14, Onatel+16,Kunchen+8,Rana+12,Clarissa+18

Regarding dark heroes:
2nd Clarissa before Sartana then?
Yes, I too like how fast Clarissa comes to her special and shoots, and I have 1 troop making her a 6-tiler, so more usable for war that fast 8-tiler Sartana?

Rigard is 4/1 and C-4/40.
So I finish him, and then either Clarissa or another Rigard?
Thing is, I don’t mind stripping Kunchen of his emblems.
This 3/2 dark/holy was really just a test as I was bored with stuff and wanted to try something new :see_no_evil:
So I can have Rigard+20 and do this raid def:

Evelyn,Kage,Onatel,Clarissa,Marjana ?

Or is Onatel really that a bad tank so that I’m better off with:
Evelyn, Onatel, Clarissa, Magni, Marjana ?

:see_no_evil: Lol, that spreadsheet use adult language

And for holy, I should get a healer?
Meaning Vivica > Neith
and don’t care about TC20 rng?
Btw, I’m C2P.

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I’ve been saying this a lot recently, but I would wait until the next costume chamber to see if you get lucky and pull Sartana’s costume. If so, it’s a no brainer to max Sartana with her costume. She’s like a tanky sniper with the costume and the bonus stats bump and change to fighter class.

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