Sartana? Vivica? What to do?

My current main squad:

Clarissa/Grimm(18)/Telluria(12)/Jean-François(13)/Bai Yeong(14)

I also have Grazul & Lianna maxed. Other 5* under the bridge: Quintus, Neith, Leonidas, Isarnia, Kadilen x2, Elkanen, Horghall, Azlar, Mitsuko, Jean-François #2-3, Grazul #2

I just drew Costume Sartana x2 and Costume Vivica last night. I barely have the mats to max one light and one dark 5*. My alliance is… Not titan-effective, so essentially, I only get those off Morlovia & Shiloh Desert.

I’m considering maxing C. Sartana and moving all JF’s emblems over to her. Then I’ll replace Clarissa with Sartana and JF with Grazul. I love JF, but I need sniper power and Grazul’s good too. Class emblem competitions are where much of my maze is right now, since I keep drawing 5* of the same 2-3 classes.

Or I could keep Clarissa on the team, max Vivica instead of Sartana, and give Viv all of Grazul’s emblems to replace Bai Yeong. That didn’t seem like the best idea to me, but I’ll throw it out there.

Or would you recommend I wait and save my ascension mats for when I have other 5* heroes to make decisions with? I plan to summon again this coming Valhalla (though the only good 5* I could expect is maybe Glenda), and then I’ll put a lid on it until maybe February (for Uraeus) or April (for Springvale). If you think I should actually put my wizard emblems into Glenda if I get her (because Grimm is obsolete), please let me know.

Tough ones all over.

Sartana, especially with costume, is worth maxing. I’m not sure she should go on your defense team though because of the emblem conflicts… but if you’re willing to expend those resources (especially the reset tokens), then I do think your initial plan is a good one. I’m still bitter about missing Clarissa, and I love JF… but JF is better on offense, and Clarissa isn’t going to see an emblem any time soon for you.

I’d think you’d be trying hard to get Glenda given your blue situation. I was in the same boat last year and pulled for Vela, and got her. Hope you’re as lucky.

As for Vivica — a good 5 star, worth maxing, but I wouldn’t rearrange your defense for her. If you’re going to pull hard this Valhalla then wait to make sure you don’t get Odin!

I would have gone Neith over Bai (I have Bai and like him, but he’s not great on defense), but it’s not worth changing now.

Good luck!

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