QUESTION on Purple Heroes?!

Proteus or Sartana? OR Clarissa?! HELP?! :crazy_face:

M$ll$on dollar question(s) - What are you trying to achieve- defense team, war team, raids, tournaments, etc.?

  • If defense, what’s your current defense and what’s your available roster look like? Can you send a copy of your full roster?

  • If war team defense, what tank does your alliance use? What’s your current war defense team? Send roster.

  • If raids, send your typical attacking team(s) along with roster.

  • If tournaments, are you looking at 3*, 4* or 5* tournaments? Send a copy of roster.


Everything, in general…simply put. Thankyou so much! :upside_down_face:

I have all 3, & wondering which is best to feed purple heroes to first. Emblems & such…ty.

Can you take screenshots of your roster or use hero to recreate your roster and give the link to it? - Tool for tracking your profile’s progress, sharing it & to Plan your Hero Use for Class Trials, Challenge Events, Wars, Tavern of Legends Titans AND MORE!

Do you have Marjana? If yes then Clarissa first, if no then Sartana first. Proteus last

Clarissa. 20 chars. :smiley:

Proteus first, easy choice, strong boost for your event teams and the fastest option to finish.
On the 5’s I would take Sartana over Clarissa.


Proteus for sure. I have all these heroes. Sartana maxed but doesn’t get much use. Clarissa is at 3-70 and I have tabards but I’ve decided to wait to see if I get better purple hero. Proteus I use everywhere. I have one at +18, one at +3 and I’m just about finishing up my third Proteus. I’d start on a fourth if I had another copy.


If you don’t have a proteus, he needs the ascension. That’ll give you time to assess what suits you best. Plus you could pull another amazing purple and switch gears!

Proteus, assuming you don’t have one of him maxed already.

He is in every war for me, every non-purple reflect event (and even some of the Purple reflect event stages), and honestly makes so many things possible to finish that were impossible. I don’t care what other purple heroes you have - he is the best one for general utility, and as a 4* he is cheapest to max, and plays in 4* tourneys, which the others don’t.

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Another vote for the 4* version of Hel. Proteus is easy, cheap and quick to max, thus you’ll be able to use him at his optimum capacity immediately. Be reminded that the food needed to max a 4* hero is only half of what is required to max a 5* hero. Many a players have been able to accomplish certain maps, quests and events with the use of Proteus due to his mana freeze. And that’s an accomplishment by itself for an epic hero. You don’t hear or read that kind of praise from either Sartana or Clarissa since they are already touted to accomplish the same due to their rarity.

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