Clarissa or Freya who to level next?

I’m after some advice. I have Clarissa and Freya and the mats to level one, so deciding who will gets the mats first. I already have a maxed Hel, Panther and sheshat. Neither clarissa or Freya would be going on my defence team. They would be purely offensive heroes. In regards to Freya I do have other minions heroes other then seshat eg puss, telluria, MN that she can be paired with offensively. I also have sartana and domintia at 3.70 but think both are further down my list waiting on mats. Any options or constructive advice welcome. I have played with and enjoy both In my teams and am tending to sway a little more towards Freya but that could be because Clarissa at 3.70 isn’t really standing out yet so would love to hear from those who have both maxed and who you think should go first. Thankyou :two_hearts:. Have posted some of my roster to help

Not maxed? Oh dear… Please post a screenshot of all of your heroes. This will help a lot of forum users, resulting to a more comprehensive and well informed suggestion or recommendation.

Tough choice, both are really great considering your roster.

Nonetheless, since you mentioned having Puss in boots, I really think you can’t go wrong with going for Freya first. Im sure you will have ton of funs pairing those two.

Clarissa is good too considering you have panther. Yet I prefer the combo panther/Seshat (or any other dark sniper) over panther/clarissa.

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I reworded to say these are my maxed purple 5*. So hope this makes it clearer. Will try and post up my roster

Yes has been a hard going back and forth over who goes first these last weeks as I waited for the mats. Thanks for your insights.


20 chrtttttttt


So, then the question is: Are you planning to use either of them in your Titan team?

  • Yes - then Clarissa; her special defense can help sometimes. Freya also provides defensive protection, but her minions chip off some time every turn. It’s a tradeoff.

  • No - It depends on how you like to attack. Personally, I like minions on my attack team in raids and wars. They slowly chip away at the hp of those pesky wing snipers. I use Delilah and I love her minion meat shield. Bear in mind, Clarissa is no joke either. Against holy, her special hits quite hard. As I said, the choice in this case depends on how you like to play on the offensive. And honestly, you cannot go wrong with either of them. :slight_smile:

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Thankyou. Some really good points. I totally forgot about titan team and you have given me something to else to think about in saying up my decision. Will have to have a look at Clarissa and see how she would fit or replace anyone in my titan team. I do like minions and the extra protection bonus they also give to my heroes as well as the chipping slowly away at the enemy heroes.

Anyone have any new or strong opinions on this question? Freya vs Clarissa?

I wish i could help. I have Clarissa +10. She isn’t on my defense team and i use her on my purple stack and sometimes vs titans.

I also have Freya at 3/70 but should have the tabard in a few days to final ascend her. I pulled Gulag last month as well but would rather use Clarissa or possibly Freya over her at tank. Probably something i will regret but for the time being it is what it is.

I have been using Freya with Nerfed Telly and find they are a good combo at least on some raids and season 3 easy.

If my alliance changes from green tanks i will strip Telly of her +19.

I plan on giving Freya emblems as well.

My biggest issue is my purple heroes all give poison DoT and Freya doesn’t so she might end up on my titan team. I have Jabberwock at +19. He is my favorite.

Imo Freya is very fun to play with but i think she needs a minion maker to pair with.

Definitely Freya. Clarissa was my first dark 5 and freya second and she is just sooo much better in everything: raids,defence,maps,events,farming even on titans because those minions hit pretty hard and def up is very valuable.

Also freya has very good stats i guess she is like in top 10 stats in game

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Freya is Amazing. I went with Freya over Clarissa a while back and have not regretted it, Ever!

I have both Freya and Clarissa maxed, none is on defense, but I find using Freya way more often on attack than Clarissa. I think Clarissa is also very good hero, but I love that Freya makes all of my heroes much tougher, and her minions chunk really hard. Also, I find her defense boost really handy to overwrite and counter Finleys defense debuff.


Freya all the way … Freya gets my vote


Hope I’m not too late to influence your decision. I have both maxed, and wouldn’t have guessed from looking at their cards that Freya is the better hero. Not to say Clarissa is bad, by any means, it’s just that Freya is a triple threat, boosting Attack, HP, and Defense all at once, and then augmenting herself if you fire fast enough. She plays pretty well on her own, even if you don’t have other minion heroes.

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I appreciate all you who took the tike to answer. Going with Freya.

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I would go Clarissa for sure. Having almost any very fast hero for offence is a massive help. Plus the paladin emblems help her staying alive too.

On titans, Freya’s minions only delays your attempt to move tiles. And we all know that to get a better score against titans, special skills has less weight than the ideal tiles hitting the titan. Minion’s attack against the titan is not significant either. You’ll lose a significant amount of time for tile play when minion madness sets in. You gain better score with Clarissa against titans since you have more time on tile play with her.

On defense, I am really disturbed why several players placed Freya there. For goodness’ sake, she only summons minions and doesn’t do much against the raider unless she dies where the mana of the attacking forces are cut. To me, that is the only extent of her threat, her being killed and your mana reduced. Her minions? Nah. They are an annoyance, I agree, but too inconsequential to me. I love facing teams with her in it, especially if made as tank. Yeah, she fires as fast mana, but 3 Jackals are faster than her. Killing her when she is tanking is a very easy feat. Once dead, you ghost in the middle, filling the mana of your heroes and then attack. Rinse. Repeat.

I think she excels in PVE and maybe PVP situations where her minion infestation is too much for the defending monsters and bosses and enemy heroes to handle. Make no mistake, I recognize the threat of minions. It’s just that the AI defending still lacked the coding how to handle it. I tend to identify the defending heroes and rank them who is the first to be killed, the second, and deal last the hero with the least threat.


I also think Clarissa is a much better hero overall, but everyone seems to think that Freya is so much better.

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because freya > clarissa

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