Which Dark hero to use in my Raid defence

I am a little bit stuck with the choice of which purple hero to use in my raid defence team. This is what I currently run with:

I will swap out Costume Bonus Marjana with Gefjon at the end of this month.
But it’s left me wondering if I should swap out Clarissa for Kageburado, Sartana Costume Domitia etc
Any thoughts as to who would be the best addition to my Raid defence team and war roster?

What are your thoughts @Guvnor … cheers

I’d change Clarissa for Kage and I’d put him as a left wing. Marjana in the place of Clarissa.

How do emblems factor in here?
It seems like any change will produce minimal differences in outcomes.
Do you have a strong Paladin waiting for emblems and do you have plenty of emblems for the others?

I would not consider Zulag or Sartana. I like Kagr and probably have a slight preference for him over Clarissa but not sure it’s enough to change my path forward.

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No other Paladin waiting on the sidelines that I would put in my raid defence team.
I can get Gefjon to +19
I can get Kageburado to +19
Gefjon is a cert to replace Costume Marjana
Just not sure if I should swap out Clarissa for Kageburado…

Though Clarissa has good defense stat and talent to make her sturdier, her valuable Element Link is lost in rainbow defense. I’d place Kage in the right wing as your purple defender.

P. S. You also need to work on your troops. Try getting you mana troops to level 11 so that every very fast wars or legendary raid tourneys, all your heroes supported by a level 11 mana troop fire their specials in 6 favorable tiles.


Thanks. Working on my troops now. It takes so long.
Trying to get my 2 star to lvl.6
3 star to lvl.9
And 4 star to lvl.11
It took me two years to get a yellow 4 star mana troop lol

Personally I don’t mind the set-up you have going currently.

if you have access to the Alternate Defence Set-ups, you could set-up some nasty defences:

  • Reverse: Heimdall - Marjana - Clarissa - Joon - Krampus
  • Double: Marjana - Heimdall - Clarissa - Krampus - Joon

GL tho :slight_smile:

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