Who to give my rings to

Right now my red mono team is zimkitha mitsuko ares marjana and red hood. Zimkitha Ares and Marjana are all maxxed. Also I have QoH , azlar and Anzogh.

Take Mitsy, QoH and Anz to 3.70 and make your decision on class, individual playstyle, most effective synergies and/or usage.


Mitsuko is great. I have her rings and she is my tank… Keeps me in diamond since I moved her there. Watch as the blue hero’s destroy themselves. Plus she hits and cuts mana as much as guin though it’s only on 3 instead of all its a great hero.


Mitsuko then Azlar after that

In my honest opinion it has to be mitsuko 100%


Between Mitsuko and QoH. I had similar choice, went with Mits.

Anzogh is less urgent since you have Ares maxed.

You have enough healing options with hood and Ares

Agree with all of the above, Mitsuko is the best there and when you learn to use her it’s like having a free sixth hero who insta kills blue heroes. So handy. Even without the blue killing, hit three pretty hard and cut their mana, what’s not to like? I have her at 80+7 and she goes everywhere with me and gets used in every war

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