Next up for Rings?


Who would you choose first regardless of who else you have in your roster/teams?

My vote goes to Zimkitha, underrated hero.

Zim… I love that she cleanses, hits all (not hard but enough to do some damage) and self-heals. In a red stack she also heals other reds.

For the others:
Mits - She works as a flank (Not thrilled with her as a tank) but seems best on attack. She needs blue hitters for her special and you can’t control that on defense.

Ares - Decent tank but easy to dispell.

Azlar - Love his damage but his slow speed makes him not as useful.

Elena - Again… her slowness does not help.

Grazul - Would be my 2nd choice. Her resist can be manipulated to your benefit on attack. With her vf speed she’s easy to charge. She also works well on defense. I’ve found her very irritating in wars. :unamused:


Zim, then Grazul then Ares

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Grazul or Zim, however ares is great for events and tanks so it really does depend on what you need

My vote is on zim, great hero for mono with her link and a good candidate for druid embs.

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Thanks everyone

20 ZimForTheWin Characters lol


Zim is the best choice.

I have similar problem. Who is next for the rings:

My other Reds are Khagan and Black Knight.
Grazul seems to be the best but Marjana is good sniper and fits better to my roster. My healer is BT +18 nodes. But spend precious mats on vanilla hero again?

Ares is great hero but I have good tank and buffer (Knight) and other top tanks (Kunchen, Ursena) on the bench.
There is also Mitsuko who I like so much but her significant skills (mana cut, reflection) are usable at 3.70.

Oh yeah BK is the best red tank in the game right now so you’re good there.

Of those I would choose Marj first, I gave her my first set of rings although Mits was already at 3/70 and have not regretted it. She made my D team.