12 rings, who should get them?

Hello everyone, this is my first post.
I have been around for about a year. I am in a situation where I could really use the help of people who own the following heroes.

I have fully ascended one Marjana +8 & a Mitsuko +8.

Now I have the following at 3/70:
-G. Kong
-a second Marjana (and two more at level 1)

I can ascend two of those heroes. Who do you recommend?

I have wizard talents for Anzogh, if that helps. But the problem with him is that he needs extra support to shine (g. Falcon etc)

I am leaning towards the idea of ascending Anzogh & Ares and having the following team on wars:

Wilbur - Falcon - Anzogh - Ares - Mitsuko

Or should I just ascend two Marjanas (plus the existing one) and be done with it?

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Just up Ares and hold for another red hero.


In my honest opinion I would max both Ares and Anzogh… play with what you have. You wait for another 5* could be long and painful

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Never ascend two same 5* unless it is gravemaker.

Choose ares

Ares and wait with the other 6

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Thank you very much :grinning:

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Never ascend the same two 5* unless its Gravemaker? IDK…I came across a two Seshat team the other day and got destroyed by both of her.


I am ascending a second Seshat at the moment as well.

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One of the guys in my alliance runs a double Seshat team from time to time. Even on defense. He loves that hero. I have two as well, but I haven’t gotten around to leveling them. Soon…

As many have said, definitely Ares and if you don’t want to wait for another Anzogh is the next best.

I def concur with ares… maybe wait through AR and see who you get before deciding on Anz?

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I for sure don’t agree with this.

Duplicate 5* could be helpful for stacking, war, raids…

i probably woudn’t ascend duplicate passive tanks or support heros (guin for example) but I would have no problem what so ever using multiples of any elemental debuffer, sniper, heavy hitter, etc.

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Guardian Kong is highly underrated. Average speed with one of the highest attack stats, with more instant damage than Azlar (though he applies DoT), is nothing to scoff at. I would ascend Ares and Kong personally.

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Ares and Anzogh. If you have Falcon too, it’s a fantastic combo.

I enjoy this mono team.


I’m maxing my second Lianna now. So there is a use for dupe 5s. But I’d get some variety built first… gm aside obviously. Lol. (Who I don’t have. Sad face)

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