Flash Question: Mitsuko, Anzogh, Elena or Khagan?

I’ve been blessed with some great red heroes as of late. Wondering which 4th 5 star red I should max. I now have 6 more rings to give out.

Current MAXed reds:
Gravemaker+7, Zimkitha+7, Marjana
Boldtusk+18, Wilbur+15, Guardian Falcon, Kelile

Current Titan team:
Ranvir, Wilbur, GM, Zim, Falcon

Mitsuko seems cool with the mana cut and reflect blue - could be useful on offense/war
Anzogh would stack well with Wilbur and Falcon
Elena could boost my titan team
Khagan - ugh… not sure

More context (MAXed 5 stars in other colors):
GREEN: Evelyn, Lianna, Gregorion (leveling)
YELLOW: Ranvir, Onatel, Joon
PURPLE: Domitia, Kunchen, Hel
BLUE: Richard, Frida, Alasie



Mitsuko all the way 20 chars


Yea Mitsuko is quite good to have in wars. It helps when the offensive blue heroes like Magni, Alasie, etc. are all in the wings or flanks. Gives her time to charge.

If Mitsuko charges before them, I reduce the mana of other heroes (usually dispellers), then force the blue ones to fire on purpose by depositing tiles on them.


Mitsuko taking the early lead… :slight_smile:

That sounds like a sweet strategy - thanks for the advice @DaveCozy

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Mitsuko all day. I have her and Anzogh maxed. Both great, but the versatility of Mits is amazing. Anzogh is great in mono teams, but alone not so much unless you are using him as a defensive tank.

You can use Mits in so many ways:

  • Tank to hold you easily in diamond arena, wars, tourneys. Also fits greatly in any spot in a defensive team.

  • Where she really shines is on offense. You do not need to bring any NATURE heros when raiding if they stacked ICE. Just keep her alive, and let the reflect do its job.

  • Best in her talent class IMO when it comes to versatility

All in all, Great tank, great for wars, awesome for raiding, and most importantly…really fun to play with.


It has to be Mitsuko all the way … 100%

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OK, I won’t lie, I’m getting super excited about adding her to my bench now. I hadn’t spent much time trying to understand her and how to use her after getting her last Atlantis.

Anzogh has healing going for him, but it seems like he’s mediocre at everything, not bad, but not really good. Mediocre tank/flank, mediocre hit, mediocre healing…

Mitsuko - not just her skills but also her stats

Elena - that high tile damage and riposte in not for show especially on offense

Mitsuko hands down. She got some stats.

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