Who gets the rings?


Time has come for my first 5* red. I have Tyr, JF, Mitsuko, Khagan and Anzogh.

I really like Tyr, hes fun to play. But is he worth being my first red with rings?

Raids, wars and titans are my priorities


IMO, without seeing your roster, I would ascend Mitsuko 1st. Very great tools for facing Vela/Finley.
Afterward Tyr, then Anzogh.


Mits is universally loved, and as an owner and user of Vela I absolutely hate to fight her, so her probably.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Mitsuko first. Then Tyr and then Jean-Francois.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck


Heaping on the Mits train, so glad I have her. On top of the reasons mentioned above, she is probably the best use of Sorcerer emblems…there aren’t a ton of worthy heroes for those emblems.


Voidstrike’s ToS

So what isn’t your priority??
They are so very different.

Titans… you don’t need to care about speed… you focus more on dropping defense (both normal and elemental if possible) and increasing attack

Raids… just find a solid team of 5s that can kick everyone’s @ss’s… you’ll probably want a healer and a cleanser… and some heavy attackers.

Wars… a lot more planning and thought goes into this area. Now you’re talking about how you can form 6 teams where all five heroes can work well with each other… minimize overwriting specials… careful with speed.

And, like what was mentioned earlier, without knowing what you’ve got already, it’s hard to give advice on what to work on next.

  • Mits: great for wars… meh on titans
  • Tyr: solid attack stats… would be good for titans (disclaimer: I don’t have him, so just reading info off his card)
  • Anzogh: you’ll want healers for war. And he actually deals a little damage so not a bad choice. Having Boldtusk’s costume would make him less of a candidate imo.
  • JF: not a bad defensive choice depending on who you tank with. (I have him maxed and he usually rides the bench during wars)
  • khagen: hard pass.

Don’t forget gravemaker is coming around again too… may want to hold off just a little bit longer.


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