Who to ascend: Telluria or Kingston - Who gets Emblems: Sashat or Lianna?

Title says it:
Who to ascend: Telluria or Kingston - I have both at 3/70 and finally have enough tonics for one.

Who gets Emblems: Sashat or Lianna - Currently have 6 on Lianna and 3 on Seshat since I got her after, and have over 350 more to spend. Should I split them evenly or give more to one? I need green hitters hence why Lianna got them in the first place, but with whoever I ascend between green tank and sniper it does matter who gets the emblems.

You already have green sniper Lianna, Kingston is similiar.
Telluria is great tank if you do not have a decent tank defense yet.
But it depend on which you need/playstyle etc… there are no too many sniper.

Emblem, if in war defense put maximum focus on them, otherwise split.

If you need a tank telluria, with Lianna you have a top notch green sniper for now. I don’t have either, but facing both many many times I’d give the emblems to Seshat. She’s the real deal and I’ve lost a LOT of raids with her being last woman standing.

How many maxed 5* hero’s do you have?

Until it’s at least 15-20 (3-4 of each colour), you shouldn’t be thinking about picking hero’s purely for defence.

Telluria at this point is mostly for defence - the nerf is noticeable on attack and I’m finding her less useful there than before…
So unless you’re deep in the game at the point where you’re ready to ascend for defence, I’d go Kingston.

And that probably then means you can go ahead and switch ranger emblems onto Seshat and start putting fighter ones into Kingston.

Your individual roster and playstyle may change this - the more info you can give, the better your answers will be.


Thanks for the answers everyone.
I have a pretty deep roster, been playing for nearly 2 years. Have good tanks already (Kunchen and Ursena) I need more green hitters so I will likely go with Kingston. I think I will split the emblems by leaving the 6 that are on Lianna and now focus on Seshat.

One other question, should ascend Vivica (my first 5*, and still sitting at 3/70) or Malosi. Already have Joon and Poseidon maxed, but I shouldnt ignore all healers. Since I have Kunchen and Alberich they are usually on all teams, but for war its different.

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Telluria is undisputable top tank, Kingston - one of many snipers.

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