Who to ascend for green?

I do love asking for help here hope to get some advice I have 10 tonics so maybe able to get a second ascend soon

First, I’d finish Hansel.

Telluria seems to be very, very popular, so I’d get her to 3.70, and see if she’s your choice over the rest; might need to include Heimdall in that as well - I know little about him. I would guess you know enough about Tarlak, Kingston, Morgan le Fey & Evelyn to know which of them you prefer.

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100 percent telluria.

Unless you have Vela to flank Tellie with (and/or gm) I would almost suggest taking Evelyn or Kingston to max.

I just maxed my Tellie, but I’m struggling to use her on defense without strong flanks for her. Now, offense is another story, but I’m just starting to use her and see how she works.

EDIT: I also suggest going ahead and finishing hansel off before anything else as well

I would go for telluria too. It is a good tank and it is useful in raids too.

I would ascend Kingston first, great in defense or offense team , really worth those 6 tonics. Then I would go for Telluria.
Good luck!


these are my top heroes

I think you have a ridiculously solid defense in:

Alberich - Delilah - Kunchen - Athena - Zimkitha

So while Telluria is the new hot tank, I think Kingston would serve you better on offense since you don’t need one.

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For attack – Kingston
For tank – Telluria
For support – Evelyn

You need to decide what your biggest need is based on what you already have. If you have a decent tank already i’d wait on Telluria. You get most benefit from offense in the game.

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If was me I’d level tarlac then gc

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