Who to ascend first? Telluria or Kingston

5* Nature/green heros- Zeline, Evelyn, Mother North, Lady of the Lake. Waiting at 3/70- Tarlak, Kingston and Telluria. Telluria is fantastic and best health as is. Kingston better sniper and missing that extra hitter. No emblems for anyone at the moment really. So… telluria or Kingston? Could be up to a year before I get more tonics.

Kingston cos… I’m already getting smashed by Telly tanks :unamused:

So you are saying I should tank up telly and smash everyone?

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Everyone, except me :face_with_monocle:

in soviet russia, the defense team chooses you!

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Unless you need a better tank, I’d say Kingston because there is nothing like the Evelyn/Kingston 1-2 for raids and war. With Lianna they’re evil. With your Lady of the Lake, they’ll be green death on toast.

Tough choice, I have both fully levelled/emblemed and you won’t regret going either way. Since you already have two decent green healers, maybe Kingston? But looking at it another way, Telluria has a better elemental link and her emblem skill really suits her tank position…

Just went with Kingston. Seems he is a must have for building 6 strong war teams. Telluria and tarlak can be done later as tank/support. Wish I had mats for everyone!

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