Ascend one of 4* each color to full ascension, please help me choose

Good day everyone…

As per the title of the topic, right now I have enough materials to ascend ONE of EACH COLOR 4 STARS hero to full ascension 4.70 (except Lianna… lack of 4 Mysterious Tonic for that). Right now most are at 3.60.

But right now I’m not entirely sure which one I should ascend.

What I have in mind right now are these:

GREEN : Caedmon. Wanted to ascend Lianna actually but I don’t have the Tonics required, and I don’t plan on waiting either. Could be months before I finally have enough Tonics.

BLUE : Kiril or Boril. I can’t decide which one to choose. I got Boril pretty early in the game so I have been using him all this time. Got Kiril about a month ago and he is awesome!!

RED : This is where I’m facing a lot of dilemma currently. Currently been using Gormek. Got Boldtusk about a month ago as well and been trying him out as well. And then there’s also Collen. Although I’ve yet to use him / level him, but been meeting with a lot of him in Raid and I gotta say he is quite awesome.

PURPLE : Rigard or Proteus. I’m using both of them heavily. Really don’t know which one to chose.

YELLOW : Seems pretty easy. I only got Wu Kong, Li Xiu and Chao. What I have in mind is Wu Kong.

Any thoughts?

Also, if possible please also suggest a good Defense Team for me. I’ve been defeated A LOT lately since I stepped into Gold Arena ranking.

Thank you everyone.

I would go BT, WU, Grimm, Caedmon and toss up between Proteus/Rigard. Just depends if you want defense or offense. Both of them will be used a lot as you progress


Correct answer with Proteus over Rigard for now. Do Rigard with your next 4 trap tools.


For red, go Boldtusk first then Gormek. For blue, Grimm then Kiril. Green, Little John. Holy, Li Xiu. Dark, Proteus then Rigard. You got two good darks so save up them trap tools. When the rare quests roll around get the mats at the final 2 levels.

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Good heroes.
For a go to team i woul choose
Kiril Proteus Caedmon Boldtusk Wu.
Then Rigard, Gormek, lil J, Li, Boril.
Those would be my first picks. 5* as opportunity present itself.
Have fun.

Edit I didn’t see Grimm, a must ascent.

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That guy is not even in my radar. I don’t even notice him there in my roster lol.

Is he really that good?

If its about Pulverizer then I already have Gormek. But if I ascend Grimm then I can replace Gormek’s position with Boldtusk which is also a good point.

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I would leave wu as he is, Boldusk, Kiril, Proteus (must have for events unless you have Hel), Caed and Lui works well.

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Proteus and Wu are obvious choices cuz they’re game changers so ascend Caedmon, BT, and Kiril

Grimm is good but imo Kiril would help your team more with his healing + buffs. Ascend Kiril first, then Grimm.


What he said: Wu, Proteus, BT, Kiril, Caedmon. Keep Rigard and Grimm close behind though :grin:


Good thing I asked around here first… never thought that Grimm fella in my abandoned section in my roster is actually quite good.

The only reason I had not feed him to anyone is because I never feed any 4* and 3* heroes.

Very good insight guys…

With those choices I would go with:


All of them will be helpful long term in raids, events , titans and world stage bosses.


Grimm then Kiril then Boril(like Proteus, good against bosses in world map), BT(sturdier than Kiril). Can be a good tank for gold arena , Proteus than Rigard, Caedmon for being a fast sniper + dispeller
And Wu Kong for the titan or Li Xiu for defense.
You will easily climb to platinum with that line up.
Btw, Grimm maybe a glass canon but his attack stat is good. Stacking with Kiril will be good.

Very nice rosters…
IMO, priority from left to right.
Red: BT, Colen (good for raid tournament rush attack), Gormek, Kelile (class trail)
Blue: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Boril, 2nd Kiril
Green: It should be Caedmon before Lianna to 3.70, LJ (good for raid tournament rush attack)
Yellow: Wu, Li
Purple: Proteus, Rigard, Cyprian, Sabina

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Yes, he is. He is easily the best pulverizer. Emblem him up to 20 and he has an insane attack (even when comparing to 5* heroes). He is really that good. Gormek is quite hefty but is way too weak on attack and Tibs middles in mediocrity. Grimm for president 2020!!

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Wu - Proteus - Boldtusk - Cademon - Grimm

That fits a lot of different needs.

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@Kusanagi87 Grimm was actually my first 4 star. If you are lacking healers then go with Kiril. As I mentioned in another topic, Kiril is a dragon banner with the added bonus of healing. Grimm has never let me down and come through when I needed him to. I personally intend to get all three pulverizer bros. I don’t have Gormek or Tiburtus yet. I just think it is nice to have different elements of the same ability honestly. And if you run both Grimm and Gormek you can have the entire opposing team’s defenses down for a long time. Enough to do either a lot of damage or wipe them out.

Gormek is sturdy af and can survive hits from high level titans. Grimm has very good tile damage. Tiburtus gets more benefit when you put emblems on him since he’s a ranger, his special can ignore riposte damage. As you can see all 3 pulverizers are good options to level up.

Everyone else has pretty much said what needs to be said. I just want to chime in about your Yellows.

If you want to level someone for all-around offense, including raids, wars, and titans, pick Wu Kong.

If you want to level someone that will take the yellow spot on your Raid Defense, pick Li Xiu. Wu Kong is awful on defense. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

Not really…I fear Wu. If he goes off he can be devastating. I prioritize killing him…just like Ranvir.

Wu is awful for defense, but once maxed my scores on titan improved A LOT and that means better chances of Asc materials, but also depends on how strong r titans u r fighting… for titans *6 or below, Wu can handle a couple of hits being at 3.60 so u can also consider Li Xiu for defense… Wu special at 3.60 has same effect as maxed (if SS is 8/8) but on *8 or *9 titans, special the rare ones, he is hard to keep alive…

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