Troubleshooting about who should i ascend next

My top heroes are Drake Fong 70Lv, Boldtusk 70Lv, Kelile 70Lv, Colen 70Lv, Grimm 70Lv, Proteus 70Lv, Cyprian 70Lv, Wilbur soon to be 70Lv as well and Kiril 35Lv.

Both my defense and Raid Offense team consists of Boldtusk, Fong, Wilbur, Proteus and Grimm in order.

My heroes ready to be ascended are : Caedmon, Wu Kong, Sonya, Gadeirus, Sumitomo, Guardian Falcon and Tiburtus.

For the moment i can only ascend one more hero, who do you recommend to be my next?

I am in a dilemma between Caedmon and Gadeirus, as Caedmon is really useful with the Dispel Buffs technique but Gadeirus although slow is a great combination with Proteus and a defender team tank.

I am also open in suggestion and recommendations , sorry for the long post.

Well i would choose Caedmon of the two, most team use heroes that gives buff as tank, dispellers are a must. But i would suggest maxing Wukong, against titans he’s a god, and still very useful on offense and events. Can also give troubles on defense. I use him most of the times.

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