Help with next upgrades EDITED

Hello, i really want to know your thoughts about my squad and what to ascend next by colour. I will try to put some pictures so you have better view on my teams.
For blue its easy, when i finish sonya i start work on grimm, later boril probably
Yellow, at the moment i have chao, but dont have any others when i am done leveling him, maybe will work on third and fourth bane for events
Red, i started sumitomo, i really have no idea what is better as i dont have a lot of choises
Green, not long ago ascended cademon for last lvl, as i anyway dont have materials to finish elkanen, my only 5*
Biggest question is purple, when i finish proteus, whos next? Cat? Jafar? Sabina? All seems ok, but where to start?

Maybe you have better ideas, in my war defensive team is melendor, proteus, kiril, kelaile, sonya. Works ok

I think given your red hero choices Sumitomo made sense. I go for variety in heroes before focusing on duplicates.

Caedmon was a good choice to ascend, you can never have too many dispellers. After him you can do Little John (his tile damage is great for a 4* despite being slow), or focus on one of the other 3*s for events.

Once Proteus is done I’d go for Sabina. You’re lacking in healers – Kiril and Melendor are your only ones – and you’ll be very thankful to have another dispeller too.

Thanks, probabbly have to go with sabina, but i now that cat can be very usefull against yellow titan. But i see your point. With green i may first upgrade buggy and hisan, so i have very strong mono green team for events, because if i will start little john ,it will take some time

As you can see I got some more heroes from previous post, got boldtusk, he ofcourse was more important than sumitomo, the same for wu, grimm. For green I decided to go with 3 star hisan, and now working on elkanen, cause I am one tonic away to finish him, yeah and 4 shields :sweat_smile:
My Main problem is Purple, I Have lot of heroes, but I don’t know where to start, I finished sabina as you recommended, but now I have next decision to make, as long i don’t have gloves, what is ridiculous, cause I have 10 compasses, I will work on 3 stars. But what 4 star will work best with proteus and sabina? I was thinking maybe second proteus can be the best buddy to them. I know rigard is great, but I have sabina and I probably work on him next. Maybe it’s time to bring cat up so he can help me with Yellow titan. Every one else just be depth for war imo.
Red is easy wilbur, scarlet, to 3:60 and wait for gloves. Blue is easy Triton and wait for gloves. Green, next one will be belith and one muggy, than little John.
Yellow I want to star working on drake, in got him this atlantīda and I want him to put in center. So we go back to purple. If he will be my center, I want purple flanks, in my head I have idea about two proteus in flanks with two healers in corners. Or it’s better to put there someone else. So may main problem is purple, I need some advice

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You can’t go wrong with Boldtusk :slight_smile: Also WIlbur, he’s awesome! You should max him as soon as you’re done Boldtusk. Both are staples in my red attacking team.

For purple heroes, the way I see it it’s between Cheshire Cat or Rigard. Since you’re lacking tabards for Domitia.

If your priorities are titans then C.C. is awesome for yellow titans (only yellow, since his def- only works for yellow enemies). Aemonna is good too for titans (highest attack stat out of all 4*s) but I would prioritize def- first. C.C. is also very good at raids, where his special can give you a free pass to break through the re-organized center.

Rigard is a great all around cleanser, the only 4* cleanser. He’s a much more important hero when it comes to map levels imo, and for raids he’s very good too at keeping your team healthy and alive. He’s good for titans in the sense that he keeps your team alive, but not so for damage.

Personally I lean slightly more towards Rigard since he’s an awesome healer. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was 50/50 between cat and second proteus, probably start l with cat, then rigard. And then I will have another decision between ameona and proteus 2 :slightly_smiling_face:
And wilbur ofcourse, is great, with boldtusk the epic combo, I know :blush:

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