Who to ascend next? C. Azlar, C. Khagan, etc

My roster

Santa, C. Azlar, C. Khagan, Reuben
I think any of the slow heroes, but I’m not sure which one. I had planned on Santa, but pulled Azlar and Khagan’s costumes recently.

Glenda, Fenrir, Raffaele, C. Magni #2
I have heard good things about Glenda. I don’t have a legendary blue healer, but happy with C. Kiril, so I am leaning towards Glenda or Fenrir

Toxicandra, Ratatoskr, C. Elkanen
I was originally planning Rat, as he could help with my weak titan team, but I recently pulled Toxic and read good things about her

C. Sartana #2, Kageburado, Zulag
Either Sartana or Kageburado, who I pulled from hero academy

C. Joon #2 or Vivicia
I have Delilah for heals so I’m leaning C. Joon as I could use a hitter more than a slow healer.

  1. Red - you do not have Marjana costume, so, C.Azlar is best.
  2. I would really choose Rafaelle. Fenrir is great finisher, so, if you have 2x 23 mana in blue, it think Glenda is better than Fenrir.
  3. Ratatoskr for titans. For raids and wars Toxicandra is very good. For overcharging Quintus too.
  4. Kageburado, VFast dispel is sometimes better than Domitia’s on (BK, Krampus).
  5. I will wait.
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Hi there Ranger, here’s my two cents.

Red: C Azlar. With the new formations he’s a serial killer in the 3 spot.

Blue: Not knowing the other blues, I’d go Fenrir. I have both him and Glanda and I use him a lot more. But Glenda it better for titan so you can’t wrong with either.

Green: Much like Blue, Ratatoskr is better to titans, but I’d go with Toxicandra. Everything I’ve seen on her looks like she amazing

Purple: Kage. I think C Sartana is a better sniper but Kage’s pre-debuff strike could really come through in a pinch

Yellow: C Joon for sure. Deliliah is a much better healer being average mana,


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