Hero Advice needed

I’m f2p (or very c2p, as I only buy the discount VIP offers) and reaching HA10 by easter.
Also, I appear to have pretty much most of the 4* Heros, except some of the newer ones (no Ninjas, no LoV).

However, I need some advice on which heros to level next.

The existing cast:


The candidates:
purple: Obakan, Quintus, Domitia or 2nd Sartana+C?
green: Ratatoskr, Bertila, Lianna or 2nd Kadilen+C?
red: Red Hood, Jean-Francois, Khagan, Azlar or Elena+C?
blue: Glenda, Richard or Thorne
Yellow: Leonidas or Uraeus (Ok, this one is obvious)

Bonus: You can even advise a second green hero…

Thank you very much for your ideas.

purple: Domitia (but only if you got at least 12 tabards)
green: Ratatoskr or Lianna
red: Jean-Francois
blue: Glenda
Yellow: Leonidas (but only if you got his costume) or Uraeus (only if Leo has no costume; ideal in the current minion meta)

In my honest opinion, I would focus on:
Costume Elena
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Purple: wait
Green: Ratotaskr you need a 5* healer
Red: JF OR c elena
Blue: Glenda
Yellow: Uraeus


Thanks for the input, I think I will wait on the purples.
green: the Rat it is.
Red: will bring Elena+C to 3,70 an decide from there.
Blue: Glenda
Yellow: Uraeus

Lianna for overall then Rat for Titans


Red hood or Azlar depending heroes around them

Leonidas if you are planning to get his costume later. If not, then Uraeus.

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