Costume Azlar or Asterius?

Hello E & P fam,

I am fortunate enough to have both costume Azlar and costume Asterius. Only sitting on three rings but wondering who to ascend next. Current reds are Santa +18, Costume Marjana +20, and Gefjon +19 (yes I’m very fortunate with my reds to date). Other maxed five star heroes are Killhare +19, Krampus, +20, Lord Loki +16, and Mother North +11. Working on costume Lianna, Sif and costume Magni otherwise.

I am sitting on nearly 1000 barbarian emblems and only about 220 druid emblems. No other five star barbarians currently and only other five star druid currently is costume Horghall, who I don’t plan on ascending unless I literally luck into a dozen extra tonics. Ideally I’ll magically land Guardian Gazelle or Gravemaker but not counting on it.

Neither would probably make their way onto my defense, which is currently Mother North, Santa, Krampus, Killhare and Costume Marjana. However, trying to judge who is the better choice to ascend, as I doubt I will luck into Gravemaker, Black Knight or Elizabeth. Costume Azlar is much more devastating, but is slow. Asterius stacks with costume Marjana/Guardia Falcon and with defense down heroes but otherwise special is weaker. Both valuable in different ways for my red titan team. Who do I ascend next?

I personally really like the Asterius & C-Marjana combination.

But also concede that the C-Azlar & C-Marjana combo would work well also.

Asterius has going for him the faster mana speed & also the Corrosive Burn (which reduces defencea also remember!) Plus the buff reduction which is also pretty handy.

Overall I don’t regret maxing Asterius over Azlar & Costume at all personally.

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