Need help solving a dilemma of mine!

Hi all,
great to be here! :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

I would really appreciate any help in deciding which 2 red 5s to ascend.
I am a small spender and I currently have no red 5s maxed out.
I do have Gormek, Boldtusk, Wilbur and Scarlet as maxed 4s.
Which 2 red 5s would you recommend me ascend ASAP and which later(in what order)?
C Azlar + 3 more copies
Santa Claus
I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
P.S. My emblems situation is:
400+ Barbarian and Druid
600+ Monk
Less then 100 for Paladin and Fighter

cAzlar is a monster, you should max him ASAP.

The others are more niche so it depends on what heroes in other colours you have (I wouldn’t level up Noor, though).


I would do Azlar and costume for sure.

After that depending on what your roster is like or whether you play mono I might consider Rueben next as he can at least help with reducing DoT damage (including undispellable) if you are short on cleansers for war teams.


Just as a step-in, if Azlar is not in costume and the choice is between him and Reuben only, then who takes priority in ascending?

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C azlan and santa!!! Santa as tank is lovely!

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It does depend on roster and play style a bit for Rueben. I know some hate him and are of the view “just bring a cleanser” at times this doesnt work though.

I lack cleansers and I’d level him in an instant ( despite having a quite good stable of reds)

Or if you play red mono other than Zimkitha there aren’t many cleanser options.

I’d do him easily over regular Azlar but your benefit from your roster may vary.


I am posting my roster with the hope it helps and yes I do have both ready to be maxed costume Azlar and some regular … !
I am trying to build mono teams yes.
I would love recommendations on the other colours as well.
I believe my regular team is easy to spot on: I use: from left to right Cobalt/Khiona/Teluria/Ariel/Kingston


You got 5 Reubens? The game must be trying to tell you something.

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Haha it’s actually 6 of them but yeah I got very lucky that month… which is probably the reason I am so unlucky currently with my efforts to get Uraes as well. :joy: :rofl:

I don’t have Uraeus yet either. But the month is still young.

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C.Azlar+20! I’m lacking the costume, so he stays 3/70, but with the costume- no sign of hesitation!


Yeah C. Azlar is very strong. I’m working on a 2nd one as we speak

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May I ask you in what team you are planning to implement 2 of them? Where do you plan to use that team of yours?

now we have option for raid formation once u reach level 25 for HA…i vote for c.azlar and next green bertila …i saw slow hero very effective in REVERSE formation , where ur wing can be krampus/santa or QoH…in the middle mostly u can put healer , i saw vivica c…

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I already have 2 azlars with costume, one with emblems the second without, and they are both a great addition in some circumstances.

Rush tournament without blue they are both in my defense. Normal rush tournament/war only one in defense but both on offense.
Even normal wars I most of the time use both for attack, normally in two separate teams. I leveled only for him a second wilbur and guardian falcon. I use 3-2 against most opponents in war and if you hit 3 heroes under 50% health with azlar after wilbur and falcon it’s game over.


I don’t have Vivica and what is QoH?
I was toying with the idea to build a team with
Santa, Krampus and Mother north for the bonus and duno who else to complete.
Maybe Santa as a tank, krampus and Mother North flanks and then C Azlar and Alfrike or Cobalt as wings smth like that. No idea if it’s worth it thou to limit myself in those heroes(Santa and Mother North).
Duno now cause I also pulled Qunchen and Margaret and Bertila … so many options

QoH is queen of heart from riddles wonderland…many previews said she has good synergy with krampus as i think she is the only minion hero that does direct damage too… MN is not good in this reverse as she has open space to be hit hard, most u use in left wing in standard as you want her hiding not to be hit hard…

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I was just going to have 2 on offense if I max #2. 1 with all emblems on Attack and with all emblems on defense. He’s slow though. That’s the only problem. I see him being a problem with these new formations.

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