Who to ascend Kingston, Lianna, Margaret, Gregorian, Kadilen, Elkanen

Hi everybody…I have 8 tonic and I have been keeping them for very long…I’ve only maxed tarlak from green family… I have lianna at 3 70 Margaret 3 70 gregorian at 3 25 kadilhen elkanen and I was just given gregorian…who you think is better worth the tonics…I need the green heroe mostly for titans and defense team…
Thanks in advance…

I would definitely level Lianna, then Kingston
Dont even think about Margaret

Lianna;;not Kingston;they are both fast…they do about the same damage but Kingston has an extra buff…

It’s between Lianna and Kingston. Lianna is still the best sniper in the game, but I’d say that Kingston is the better choice because of his burn resistance. It depends on which one of them can get emblems - do you have any other candidates in the fighter/ranger classes?

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Kingston is the better generalist and Lianna is better at murder. But Lianna’s murdering prowess doesn’t work as well against challenge bosses and Titans where Kingston shines more, so it really depends on if you, as a player, prefer raids/wars or the map/events/Titans more.

I mean either one is fine.

The rest can wait until those two have capped.

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If all you have maxed right now is Tarlak, then I would go with Kingston. Some will argue Lianna because she does more damage, which is true, I argue Kingston because of his other abilities. His attack down is very valuable, especially at fast mana speed, not to mention his 4% mana generation increase for all greens, so that is my opinion on the matter.

On an unrelated note, I wouldn’t concern yourself with Margaret if you still don’t have at least 3 other maxed 5* green because she is a specialist. You need to work on generalist first, and after you get your sniper, I vote for either of the elf twins (Kadilen or Elkanen) to add variety to your green stack.

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