Kingston or Lianna?

Hi guys, i can’t choose between Kingston and Lianna, im looking for a green sniper, not for the diffence team but for war, raids, titan. It feels like Lianna just do more damage but Kingston is more usefull because of his atack debuff and because his GM. What is your opinion?

Definitely Kingston, the att- is great to buy time on d and the elemental link speeds him up. Even costumed lianna is worse, who needs her mana- when she kills one anyway with one hit most of the times on d. Better for titans, mono raids etc too. And that fighter class is great too. :thinking:

And hes also immune to Jean-François too.

Just something else to consider.

Another thing to consider is if either will get emblems… Based on whoever else you have in your roster.

In summary tho, you can’t really go wrong with either!!

My advice would be to take both to 3-70 and then choose whoever you think will be best for YOU!


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Kingston first.
Good luck

Obviously both are worth the tonics… I would say Kingston has the slight edge bc of the big hit plus the extra stuff he throws in (attack down, elemental link)

… but there’s something clean about Lianna’s hit and run approach. No frills. What you see is what you get, kind of hero. :woman_shrugging:

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Lianna hits a bit harder… That might be the difference between kill and not-quite sometimes.

Kingston comes with a great secondary effects, is sturdier and resists burns which makes him less susceptible to the likes of GM, Azlar, Marjana and the upcoming JF…
Gravey flanks on a blue tank, who you gonna call? :joy:

Seriously… Lianna is great and if you had costume too this would be a tough decision… But Kingston is MVP, it’d be a rare case to choose to ascend Lianna before him (emblems availability being one such case).

Ps… Ask @Halifax - mucho love for both! :exploding_head:

I have both maxed with emblems and I can say they’re both awesome. Together too.

But If I had to choose, Kingston would get the tonics. For all the reasons mentioned above. The def down saved my ■■■ so many times.

As for the burn resist, it’s a great add on.

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If you’re starting from scratch, and particularly if you don’t have her costume, as much as I like Lianna (I have 5); level Kingston first. He is almost as hard hitting and he does more good things - he can finish almost every injured hero Lianna can; but if there’s someone full health about to fire back and all you have ready is your green sniper - Lianna wouldn’t save you at all, but you fire Kingston at the threat and then pile 2-5’random tiles into the enemy… the damage you’re going to get hit with is minimal. Particularly useful vs Ursena. And as you mentioned, Kingston looks at Gravy and shrugs. Those are two major current threats so King is the, well, King of the Green snipers atm.

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