Help me! Mother north or Kingston to ascend

I have 6 tonics and must choose between Mother North who is ready to ascend to 4th and Kingston who is almost there. Help

I would go with sniper always but if you have Lianna and specially here costume the go with MN.

What other green 5* heroes do you have maxed?

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I’d definitely be interested in this answer first before handing out my opinion. Both are very valuable in their own way. So it will greatly depend on what you need and what you have. :slight_smile:


I have neither Lianna nor her costume lol. Will wait for more responses but thanks for your view.

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Not knowing what other heroes you have makes it difficult to choose one or another.
In my opinion they are both good heroes worth the tonics, so it depends on what you have and what you need most.

Giving you an answer now would be as good as asking discobot to roll the dice


What 5* greens do you have maxed?

None maxed. I have a couple others like horghall and Tarlak still to level.

I have Azlar waiting on rings. A kiril, an emblemed costumed Rigard and Joon waiting on darts. With the exception of Joon and Azlar my other 5* are greens (Horghall and Tarlak). So that’s what I’m working with.

I would go for Kingston in anyway firstly.


My first thought is Kingston, since you already have 2 good healers for now.

Just so you know, Tarlak is good for every titans, since his attack buff stacks with others like kiril. Maybe not a priority but still a very interesting hero, at least for the titans.
Hope this helps a bit

Hmm… curious about if you have a solid bench of 4s. Maybe that’s where your focus should be… Kiril and Rigard are heroes that I would not wait on to max.


Kiril and Rigard are maxed and gaining emblems. Also I have Caedmon and Colen marking time till I can ascend the others

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What @Math4lyfe said, a few 4s does not a good bench make early on.


If you do not have any 5* green, I prefer Kingston 1st, and MN at 3.70 is already usefull, then ascend MN afterward of course.


Gotcha… Thanks for clarifying. I misread.

It’s weird that I got Kingston before MN, but raised her first. He was my first 5* too. This is my small account btw. So it initially receive playing time in between the projects of my main account

To me it doesn’t matter who else you have. MN is ALWAYS the right answer (unless you have a maxed Alby hiding, LOL). MN has saved me so many times I can’t count. Kingston is an A grade sniper, but those are a dime a dozen. Necromancy is rare and powerful!

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