Who to Ascend: Isarnia & Costume or Skadi or Richard or Thorne

Which to level up Skadi or Isarnia inc costume? I have not levelled standard Isarnia far. I also have Richard and Thorne partly levelled.

Anchors guide has both a A- overall but which is better?

I have Magni/costume, Raffael and Perseus levelled at 80.

Need help in developing better blue team to take on Red 5 stars; do i level one of the above or wait for better

Cheers V

Welcome back, @Virkira !!

Go for Skadi. People having her raves for her usefulness, especially against heroes that summon minions.

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My choice will be Skadi as well, she is a beast against minion teams. I have a lot of fun using her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skadi is a beast,even Isarnia costumed cant compare with that

Skadi is situational and does extremely well against minion heroes and better mana speed but not much against titans

Isarnia does well in all situations besides being slow speed especially with her high attack stats and def down. Combo her with weak AOE heroes like Zim and Kadilen is good enough to finish off almost any team.

Since you are looking to do better on titans, I would go for Isarnia. As you are “only” fighting 5* you could take her to 3.70 and still get her def down.

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If you have a maxed Grimm, go for Skadi first. Grimm can be your mini Isarnia for titans. If not, I would go for Isarnia with costume.

Also for 5* Red titans definately consider bringing Nordri. He may be 3*, but probably more useful than 5* Skadi in that situation

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Once the skadi is raised it will definitely turn into a monster😊

If you have C-Magni already then Isarnia is a bit redundant. Yeah she has a better defense down, but I wouldn’t level Isarnia just for titans. I’d go Skadi first given how much she helps in the game in general.

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Love my Skadi. Charge her up, wait for Telly to fire then kill all 5 minions. With the frost stack and mana slow, they can’t come back from it.

since minion summoners becoming more and more common, Skadi will be very valuable. she is the best anti-minion hero in the game. Only if you have lord loki or finley you can move skadi back to the line

20 SkadisForTheWin!!

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