Thorne, Isarnia, or Richard?

Hi all, my tc20 just coughed up Thorne. I now have 3 more blue 5* heroes to choose from to ascend.

I already have Magni emblemed, and am working on Fenrir at 4.40. I have enough mats to take 1 more blue hero up.

Primarily, i will be using the next blue hero in my wars bench, and possibly for raiding offence (tho i like my strike force raiding team right now -jackal/magni/marjana/mother/kage).

For events/quests/maps, I use Tarlak/magni/mother/wilbur/proteus

My question is: who should i level up next to possibly make my events/quest/map team better? Thorne, Isarnia, Richard(costume), a 2nd Magni, or a 2nd Fenrir?

Isarnia is a beast against titans and on offence. Your MN can can keep her alive/revive her if she dies.

I’d only go with Richard if you need a blue tank. Otherwise, 100% Isarnia.


In my honest opinion I would go with Richard if you need a tank for war etc.
Other than that I would go with Isarnia
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Makes sense, right now i use a combo of cGunnar for the der down, and nordri for ice def down. They die off too quickly…

Richard isn’t terrible on titans. His A value isn’t Isarnia, but the percentage on his special makes that hit hard and it drops A.

I leveled Richard a while ago and was pleasantly surprised how useful he is. In tougher provinces he can live for a while without healing. Same is true for raids against fast attackers with bad boards. A drop is nice too.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Richard or Isarnia. Thorne is definitely a 3rd as even at tank I like Richard better.

Good luck!

Richard costume is great. You should level him. Isarnia is great but c.richard have that extra costume bonus that will increase your hero’s value

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